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How blacksmiths make customized knives

Text: Elisha Judy P. Tabaque


See the photo above.

The Blade

Step 1. In making a customized knife, a car’s recycled lift spring, locally known as “molye,” will be used as blade material.

Step 2. The molye will be heated in fire, until it glows hot as ember. Thereafter, it will be pounded using a metal hammer to create the knife’s form.

Step 3. Should the molye lose its glow, it will be heated again and pounded until it finally gets its aspired form.

Step 4. After the blade gets its form, it will be whetted and ground using a grinding stone to achieve a smooth surface.

The Handle

Step 1. The “gitong,” or the tongue of the knife that refers to its lower edge portion, will be cast in melted aluminum.

Step 2. The tongue will be inserted into the aluminum molder to finally connect the handle and the knife, which will then be ground to produce a smooth surface.

Step 3. The handle will be tamped with masonite, which is known as “Lawanit” in Cebuano.

Step 4. Finally, to make the knife and the handle shiny, it will be rubbed with Lyrox. The customized knife is now ready for selling.

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