Team Sugbo Mercado - Weekend

Team Sugbo Mercado

JP Chiongbian

Lord of the Realm
President and Managing Director

JP Chiongbian has had several successful businesses in the restaurant/bar scene in Cebu, which means he has seen the changes in the taste and lifestyle choices of Cebuanos. JP knows his market well — himself a certified foodie — and always strives to give the best for his patrons with his innovative and forward-thinking approach to business.

Michael Karlo Lim

The Royal Jester and Town Crier
Communications and Marketing Director

Michael Karlo Lim is one of the top foodies in Cebu, expressing his love for food through eloquently stringed words in various media like blogging as well as in print. He calls himself “the official mascot” of Sugbo Mercado because he’s always the ubiquitous personality that is often found all over the place, talking and entertaining guests.

Charmaine Ong de Leon

Lady Protector of Treasures
Finance Director

Aside from Sugbo Mercado, Charmaine is also the general manager of District Events, the team behind the local lifestyle bazaar, Pop District. Her love for business started as young as seven years old when she used to sell candies, stickers and pogs to her classmates. Her business archetype is good product + right marketing = successful business. This young architecture graduate is also a lover of interior decorating, long drives and boxing.

Ruby Anne Pansoy

Protector of the Realm
Leasing Director

Together with Charmaine, Ruby also runs District Events as the operations manager. Her biggest passion is events organizing because it fulfills and challenges her. Even in her fast-paced life, Ruby enjoys staying at home and is even trying her knack at cooking.

Niño Bascon

Protector of Treasures
Finance Director

A restaurateur, politician and businessman, Niño has been in the scene for many years now, along with JP. He is also an avid golfer and has had several restaurants in Cebu, including Island Grill.

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