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Have yacht, will travel

Text: Deneb R. Batucan
Images: Contributed


TO GET from point to point, traveling means having to experience various modes of transportation. In traveling, how you get to the destination is such a huge part of the journey and it’s a must to choose just the right kind of vehicle to use in one’s passage.

Yachts are one of the most luxurious ways to travel. When traveling in style is a need for you, nothing beats the elegance of a yacht. A yacht gives buoyant relaxation as it cruises you through the sea while experiencing the fruits of a fine life. Here’s why traveling by yacht should be in your bucket list.

1. Spacious

Unlike other modes of traveling that gives you leg cramps, yachts give you ample space to stretch your body. Like in Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa’s Celandine, a gentleman’s yacht built in 1960, it has three levels of cozy living quarters and a deck where guests can freely frolic, never to be constricted on a single seat for hours on end.

2. Leisurely pace

While most people live the fast life, traveling by sea takes time, which is actually a great thing. Even when it takes longer to get to the destination, it’s refreshing to take a leisurely cruise instead of rushing to get there. Yachts give you the opportunity to relish your surroundings and genuinely appreciate the journey you’re on.

3. Social

Having hours to spend on a yacht, you’d want to make use of the time by actually spending it with the people you’re with. At the Celandine, a maximum of 40 people can come on board for some cocktails or perhaps an intimate dinner party for 12 at the top deck. The cabins can fit six people comfortably in its lovely bedrooms styled with an old world charm. Yacht party, anyone?

4. Amenities

Most yachts are made to be a home at the sea, so it has amenities that could conveniently give all souls on deck the comfort they deserve. The Celandine has three levels that houses two bedrooms, spacious living quarters, a fully functional kitchen, and a saloon. On top is a beautiful deck with a sun awning that’s customizable for any kind of gathering. And it doesn’t hurt that the interiors are bespoke of the old world in fine woodwork and great attention to details. Beauty and function all in one heck of a yacht.

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