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Michelin Mission

By Alexis Yap


Hong Kong has always been our go-to food and sneaker shopping destination. When you’re in Hong Kong at least two to three times a year, you will inevitably stumble into remarkable food places that you want to revisit on your next trip.

However, there are places where the experts declare exceptional. These places are not necessarily expensive restaurants and you’d like to go to these inexpensive joints to see exactly what makes them extra special.

The Michelin guide has, since 1900, been setting the tone for fine dining in France, and now throughout the world, including, of course, Hong Kong. Today’s list includes not only fine-dining restaurants but also food stalls and restaurants that serve exceptional dishes like the Shao Long Bao of Din Tai Fung which has become only one of our many favorite dishes at the restaurant. Our first meal in Hong Kong is usually at Din Tai Fung and aside from the soup-filled pork dumplings, we always get the sweet-sour spicy chicken, their incomparable hot and sour soup, their shrimp and pork shao mai, and their pork chop with fried rice. The most perfect meal!

Din Tai Fung’s Shao Long Bao
Pork Chop with Fried Rice

Tim Ho Wan at the IFC Mall in Central also serves their Michelin-rated Deep Fried Pork Buns. These divine pieces of heaven are just delicious and are easy to eat to-go when the lines are ridiculously long and the wait unbearable. We had to wait only about seven minutes for our Pork Buns fix.

Causeway Bay has always been our preferred neighborhood but we’ve started staying in the Tsim Sha Tsui area in our recent trips to Hong Kong where quite a number of Michelin-rated places are located.

Mak Man Kee’s Beef Brisket Noodles

There’s a Mak Man Kee Noodle House in TST and they are famous for their traditional noodles. Get the beef brisket if you’re into it. I highly recommend it. The more popular Mak’s is on Wellington St. in Lang Kwai Fong and it’s located right across another Michelin-rated noodle place recommended by my friend Happy Yeto called Tsim Chai Kee. At this joint, get the King Prawn Wanton noodle. It’s just unbelievable.

This neighborhood is also home to several Michelin-rated restaurants and it is my intention to pay them a visit in my next trip if only to see what the fuzz is about. Of course I always make time for my own favorites like Fairwood’s Beef Curry. The extra rice is free. All you gotta do is ask (wink).

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