Prescription songs you can overdose on

By Micah Almazan


Music and love go hand-in-hand like rhythm and blues, lechon and Cebu, or Netflix and chill. Everybody knows that – even the virgin who can’t drive.

When you’re fidgeting like a fumbling fool because you’re too excited to see your person or when you feel like the whole world is on your chest because you’ve been heaving and crying too much, songs capture these sensations. It’s palpable elation and vengeful rage made audible all because of that one individual your heart said yes to.

Illustration by Geraldine Sypiecco

Here’s a selection of songs for the feels that don’t go away just because another dreaded – or celebrated – VDay has gone:

1. When you’re playing the guessing game

“Something About Us” by Balance and the Traveling Sounds

Originally by Daft Punk, this awesome cover takes groove to a whole new level, and emphasizes the message even further. You’ve been hanging out for a while now and everything seems great, but still you’re not sure what the real score is, and you don’t want to settle for the “no labels” BS / rubbish.

2. When you’re the other woman and you know it

“The Other Woman” by Nina Simone

Nina doesn’t mince her words here. It has to be the Live in New York/1964 version, because all the elements – her voice, the brush on the snare, the natural flow of her keys, her slow-like-honey singing – come together and pick at your gut. For an extended version where she rubs even more salt on the wound by adding more literal descriptions towards the end, check out the version from the live Black Gold album.

3. When you want to move on, but can’t

“Gravity” by Sara Bareilles

Sara is the queen of feels, and I could include almost all her songs in this list, but this song stands out as it opens with, “Something always brings me back to you / It never takes too long.” You know it’s going to open up wounds, both old and fresh. She describes the sentiment perfectly as she sings, “You hold me without touch / You keep me without chains,” and finally pleads, “Set me free / Leave me be / I don’t want to fall another moment into your gravity.”

4. When you’re about to walk into the arms of the person you’re spending the rest of your life with

“First of Us” by The Labrats

Written by our very own homegrown talents, the poignant guitar intro gradually unravels into a beautiful song that recalls all the firsts of a relationship that have now paved the way to their “first of forever.” Yes, it’s a wedding song.

5. When you’re more bitter than Momordica charantia (ampalaya, ba)

“Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects

For many, there’s nothing more therapeutic than wishing hell on an ex-lover and conjuring up all cuss words imaginable to scream at his/her face. Since there’s a possibility for being held accountable for that, sing about it instead. You get to tell them off without them knowing. It’s both sad and fun!


More songs worth checking out for your amusement:

When you’re deeply immersed in the honeymoon stage that even nose-picking is cute

“So. Good.” by Johnny Stimson

When it’s a secret

“Tayo Lang Ang May Alam” by Peryodiko

When alcohol is your rebound

“Lilac Wine” by Jeff Buckley (originally by Nina Simone)

When you’re just so grateful for their existence

“Thank You” by Led Zeppelin

When you’re way past the “Gives You Hell” stage

“Cool” by Gwen Stefani

I could go on and on and keep adding to the list, but walang forever. So for now, sing always and love a lot.

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