Do you know what you’re breathing?

By Deneb R. Batucan


THE air we breathe is essential to one’s bodily functions. Without it, we cease to live. But then comes the question: do we really know what we’re breathing?

Age Well Solutions International Corporate Officer and Chief Marketing Officer Casey Neves, President and CEO Harry Obsitos, and Vice President Shari Obsitos. (CONTRIBUTED FOTO)

Allergens, mold and other microbial creatures live in the air we breathe. And they’re not just airborne; they also live and grow on and inside surfaces, like mattresses, toys, electronic devices and among others.

We could easily kill these bacteria, but doing so diminishes the good bacteria as well. This leads to an environmental balance that could essentially be harmful to all of us. So what do we do?


Age Well Solutions International has the answer. They are the exclusive distributors of BetterAir, an innovator of probiotic-based air and surface purification systems on the market.

What it does is it releases a 100 percent natural vapor called Environmental Probiotics, a compound comprised of probiotics called Bacillus ferment. These micro-sized probiotics are emitted into the air and consumes the resources that allow harmful bacteria and mold to thrive such as pollen, dust mite waste and pet dander.

Probiotics are essential to our survival and act as our natural defense system to help our bodies fight disease-causing bacteria, digests food and absorbs nutrients.

BetterAir has three Environmental Probiotic Systems designed for different spaces: the Home/Central Air Kit for commercial spaces up to 465 sqm.; the Room Kit for small indoor spaces; and the Commercial Kit for medium commercial spaces up to 2,325 sqm.

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