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Before buying your first camera

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AS the bonuses start pouring in, so would the consumers finally buying their prize. Before you invest on a camera, here are some points you need to consider and maybe questions you need to answer. When you’re an impulsive buyer like me, I really wish you’d read this first before rushing to buy one.

The multi-awarded Fujifilm XT1. Mirrorless camera using X-Trans sensor that gives the sharpesta image. This time, the new model XT1 IR offers Infrared features.
The multi-awarded Fujifilm XT1. Mirrorless camera using X-Trans sensor that gives the sharpesta image. This time, the new model XT1 IR offers Infrared features.

Camera System

Somewhere along your photographic journey, somebody would ask you what your camera system is. He is actually referring to what brand you are using. By default, lenses and other camera accessories only work with a particular brand.

If you’re using a Nikon camera body, then only Nikon lens, flash, triggers, etc. will work on it. Your next camera body should still be Nikon so you can use your existing equipments. If ever you plan to shift brands or systems, you have to sell the entire setup.

It’s difficult to decide what system to buy when you’re new to photography. That’s the reason you should research about the brand you’re planning to buy. If you realize later that you bought the wrong system, you can always sell it. Maybe before you buy more accessories.

Camera Model

Every camera brand normally offers different models. They all have entry level, mid-level and pro-level models. The differences are mostly features between entry level and mid. With the pro-level, the difference would involve not only features but hardware as well.

If you plan to go serious in photography, I would really advice you to get a mid-level camera. Entry level features cannot catch up with you in the long run. When I was starting up, I had a long and meaningful experience with my mid-level camera. I did not buy pro camera until maybe four years of shooting.

Camera Type

Part of your consideration is the type of camera to buy. Of course there are point and shoots, compact mirrorless cameras, and DSLRs. Between mirrorless and DSLR, there are pros and cons. It all boils down to your requirement and personal feel to the hardware itself.

First point is size and weight. When it comes to this, mirrorless is the easy winner. This matters when you’re travelling. This also matters if you want to be shooting discreetly. DSLR, no matter what level, is always attention grabbing and intimidating.

Focusing. Although Pro mirrorless cameras are catching up when it comes to focusing, most of the models available are still quite slow. DSLR focusing is super quick especially if coupled with the right lens. Battery is another issue. Mirrorless takes a lot of energy because it has to power the electronic viewfinder, whereas DSLR uses a mirror that doesn’t need power. Extra battery can remedy this problem.

So there you go. Check reviews before buying. Visit Colours Foto in SM and Ayala, F8 Photo near Gorordo Ave., Macy’s Camera Shop near SM or PRG Photo Shop in Raintree Mall. These stores can guide you in getting the right gear. Keep on shooting, everyone. /

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