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Lightroom going mobile

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THE life of a photographer is always on the go. Whether you’re out on a shoot, a client meeting in coffee shops, location scouting or travel, you need solutions that can meet your dynamic and on-the-go work style. Adobe Photoshop’s Lightroom, just made it possible.

With the addition of Lightroom in the creative cloud suite, you can now integrate web into your workflow and use the many advantages of cloud services. You can now install Lightroom in your tablet or smart phone for both Android and Apple and extend your work on the go. Very useful when you’re flight is delayed again.

When you install Lightroom in your mobile device, you can access the Lightroom Collection you synced from your desktop computer. The files are web-friendly so they’re light. From your mobile device, you can edit, rate and crop the photos. All the adjustments done to the photos will be synced to your desktop so you’ll be able to continue your work. You can even share the photos to different social sites from your mobile device.

LR Mobile can be downloaded for both Andriod and IOS for free.
LR Mobile can be downloaded for both Andriod and IOS for free.

Another feature is the web collaboration. This will allow you to sync your Lightroom Collection to the cloud and forward the link to your colleague or client for review. All you need is a browser to open the link. From there, you can rate the images or label it as approved or reject. You can also add comments to every single photo.

All these inputs will be synced to your desktop including the comments. The nice thing about this feature is you don’t have to email the photos for selection and summarize the comments so you can apply it to your work in Lightroom. All the collaboration is integrated in Lightroom so there is no need to export files or go in and out of the application.

The trend is towards the cloud and Lightroom is opening new doors to benefit photographers. However, since these are cloud services, you need to have a subscription, which comes free when purchasing one or two Adobe CC applications. The Photographer’s package includes both Lightroom and Photoshop for a little over P500 only per month.

You not only get legit applications but are updated on the latest features and bug fixes. Adobe has introduced many new features to their application and you can only get it through the free updates when you subscribe.

The ability to erase certain parts of the mask from radial and linear local adjustment tools is just one of the breakthroughs in Lightroom CC. Increasing the capabilities of Lightroom reduces your time spent in Photoshop. This helps streamline your workflow.

There are some amazing updates in Photoshop CC as well that will just leave you in awe. Invest in Creative Cloud and keep on shooting, everyone! /

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