Going content-centered with Gen3 - Weekend

Going content-centered with Gen3

EMBRACE a whole new digital lifestyle as Globe brings you its latest retail store in Cebu. Gen3 offers music, entertainment, lifestyle, and products that allow you to experience fun in a lot more ways.

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu opens the new GEN3 store inside Ayala Center Cebu. (Alex Badayos)
Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu opens the new GEN3 store inside Ayala Center Cebu. (Alex Badayos)

“You can find no store anywhere in the world that’s vibrant, colorful, cool, and is very interactive,” said Joe Caliro, Globe Head of Retail Transformation and Stores Management as he emphasized that Gen3 has changed its way of doing business.

Gen3 is a telecoomunications company that is now centered on being a content corporation to establish its image as a digital brand. It’s the only store that has connections with Facebook, Disney, and other interactive social media.

Globe first opened the retail store in the country in North Edsa followed by another in Cagayan de Oro. To date, the Gen3 store in Cebu that opened last July stands as the biggest Gen3 established in the Philippines with an area of 400 square meters.

The Gen3 store concept is a platform to introduce new artists and new products that weren’t seen before. The Zagg machine, waterproof speakers, digital connectors, and charger fused with battery are just few of the newest introduced products.

“Our products are innovative, can solve problems you have and are really cool. We’re not going to sell inferior products and we’ll sell them to you at the best price”, Caliro said.

“The coolest thing about Gen3 is what you see today will not be there tomorrow. We can change the products displayed overnight,” he added. Gen3 is designed by Tim Kobe, deisgner of the Iconic Apple Store in New York. Featuring the latest technological innovations, the store reconfigures quarterly.

Products and features in every store location are entirely different. What can be seen in Cebu cannot be bought at other Gen3 stores.

The store has no counters, only payment kiosks where the customer’s name as well as the agent who is going to assist appears on screen. Both cash and credit cards are good for transaction.

As a telco, Globe remains to be prepaid friendly because anyone can sell data and can do anything on their devices. Games like Clash of Clans, Hayday, Candy Crush, Hooq, and the largest music library Spotify are all prepaid. (Dhen Ehldred Generalao/UP Cebu Masscom Intern)

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