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Music mag apps to keep you posted

Meg Rivera


IN A strange turn of events, it rains and storms on this side of the world while sunny weather abounds in England. Welcome to July, where the Philippines is caught in a constant state of typhoon sandwich. In the Northern Hemisphere however, the summertime weather means that it’s time for music festivals!

This is nothing new to us of course; we have our own festivals scattered throughout the year. In fact, I am still kicking myself for not having made a better effort to try and go to Malasimbo this year. We still have quite a ways to go before we approach the intensity of Coachella; I’m not going to even think about how far we need to get to rival Glastonbury.

Music journos around the world are fleeing their offices to attend these events, and it truly is a sight to behold. Music publications from all over are now coming up with their own coverage of these events, and the reading has never been better. This week, we have a look at three music magazine apps that keep you up to speed on what’s going on. We may not be at these festivals when they happen, but these apps bring them right to you.

Music-News-logoAApp name: Music News

App developer: Jacob Lindgren

Available on: iOS only

Easy to use: You will need an understanding of RSS feeds before you can get this app, but that in itself isn’t hard to crack. This app basically consolidates news from all the big names in music journalism into a feed that you customize for yourself.

Overall comment: Apple, you win this round. I think this is a fantastic app if you want to stay updated. You can choose which feeds you want to receive and keep them on the main screen for easy perusal. Users are complaining that the most recent version is laggy; hopefully that will be cleared up by the time you get around to using it. Four clicks out of five.

The-FADER-logoAApp name: The FADER

App developer: Mobile Roadie

Available on: iOS, Android

Easy to use: The FADER app is quite simply put, sexy as all get out. FADER magazine has always been associated with up and coming talent, featuring those who are making waves in the music scene. You will notice that the app puts up stories until about the fourth paragraph, then redirects you to the web version for the rest of it. So it works as both an app and a portal – that works!

Overall comment: If your tastes run a little less mainstream, this is definitely for you. The FADER is better known for their features rather than little write ups. Some users accuse them of not being inclusive enough, focusing on better known acts instead. I will let you decide that for yourself, and see if those hipsters are just being whiny. Four clicks out of five.

NPR-Music-logoAApp name: NPR Music

App developer: NPR

Available on: iOS, Android

Easy to use: For the cultured kids. If you view music like a glass of wine, with all of its complexities and its backgrounds then this what you need. NPR is known for their incisive views on pretty much everything, and that certainly extends to music. The content is sure to be good — a killer staff of music writers produces everything you read on the app. Great if you want to get more into a band or type of music, or sounding smarter at the music thing in general.

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