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Saying thanks through apps

By Meg Rivera

THE holidays are now a faint memory and the last of the year’s houseguests are on their way back home. The season doesn’t have to end on this note though, there will always be the happy memories that will linger back. And of course, if you would like to show some kind of appreciation for the kindness that you received (or will receive over the New Year), the old-school thing to do is send a thank-you note.

Thank-you notes need to undergo a revival. It’s so easy to send a text message or an email that the personal touch gets lost somewhere in cyberspace. And far from just saying thank you for the presents you received, these would be appreciated all year round for any act of kindness that deserves more than digital print on a screen.

As the year is starting to gear up again, we’ll have a look at some thank-you note apps that might work their way into your New Year’s resolution to show more appreciation and to have a blast while you’re at it.


App name: Thank You Pro

Developer: Zendoa LLC

Easy to use: This is a great reincarnation of the e-card era, so this is fairly easy to get your head around.

Available on: App Store, Google Play

Overall comment: At present, the full range of this app’s services are extended only to the US and Canada. You type the notes out and the company prints them and snail mails them to the recipients. The emailed version of the notes is free, and you can send as many as you like. It’s got lots of designs to choose from, and even an option for using your own photos. Good in a pinch, three clicks out of five.


App name: Red Stamp Cards

Developer: Red Stamp

Easy to use: Slightly more decked-out than Thank You Pro, but it helps you keep on top of important dates.

Available on: App Store, Google Play

Overall comment: This has the same concept as the app above, and the same mail-out service limitations too. However, this can double as a calendar that holds all the important dates that need a card. This isn’t limited to just thank-yous; this covers the whole Hallmark range from announcement cards to “Thanksgivingmukkah”. The paid version offers deals on printed cards, but we can overlook that for the present. Four clicks out of five.

Thank-You-Note-iconApp name: Thank You Note

Developer: Pete Marshall

Easy to use: The happy medium between the above two apps. Not too difficult, but not too spartan either.

Available on: App Store, Google Play

Overall comment: I must say I had my doubts about this one. This seemed a bit e-cardy at first, but then I realized how customizable the whole thing really is. This doesn’t have a snail mail service, but you can display your cards on social media. You can also keep track of who you’ve sent cards to. I love how this is concentrated only on thank you notes, so you really do get the best of what the app was intended for. Four clicks out of five.

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