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What’s your story

Alexis Yap24Alexis Yap
Lex in the city

EVEN weeks before the Make Your Own Havaianas event at SM Northwing, I was already excited about it after seeing the design of this year’s commemorative pair online! The Alohasole is Hawaiian themed, featuring the top floral fashion trend of the season. So beautiful!

After having a casual chat with Leanne Florendo, managing director of A.L. Amizade, exclusive sub distributors of Havaianas in Central and Eastern Visayas, I have come to learn that Havaianas means Hawaiians in Portuguese, hence this year’s theme on its 10th anniversary in Cebu.

This Beetle and several pairs of Havaianas: perfect for the beach
This Beetle and several pairs of Havaianas: perfect for the beach

Leanne explained they intentionally made this year different. They wanted everyone to be able to experience the relaxed, comfortable, and stylish Havaianas lifestyle which is the true mark of Havaianas as a brand.

And that’s exactly how I felt during my visit. I wanted to just hang out in the tropical summer ambience they put together complete with ukulele music in the background, a yellow, vintage beetle with a surfboard on top, a vintage bicycle, and even two sand patches inside the mall!

You can mix and match this year’s Aloha sole with a slim or top strap with pins that included some cute pineapples (which I obviously got), a hula girl, hibiscus, Aloha shirt, and a ukulele among many others.

A decade of MYOH
A decade of MYOH

I had so much fun at this year’s MYOH. It was indeed something different. It was definitely more relaxed, more “chill.” Havaianas definitely has a story to tell and this year, I (and a lot more people) got to hear its beautiful story.

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