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Shirts and tees by hand

Q&A with the men behind Elated Industries


FOUR gentlemen from diverse backgrounds have come together and formed a handcrafted men’s clothing line geared towards the tasteful and the laid-back — innovative style that echoes a mix of refinement and playfulness.

ELATED Industries’ Carlos Canga, Don Gerardo Frasco, Mikey Walls and Ralph Lapus
ELATED Industries’ Carlos Canga, Don Gerardo Frasco, Mikey Walls and Ralph Lapus

Labeled Elated Industries, it was said to be inspired by the state of elation — or extreme exuberance and happiness — that they wish to integrate to the wearer’s lifestyle. The clothing line was conceptualized by designers and young entrepreneurs Mikey Walls, Don Frasco, Carlos Canga and Ralph Lapus.

Mechanic Shirt
Mechanic Shirt

The clothing line follows its principle “Dress the man, keep the kid inside.” It carries a selection of shirts, tees and headwear — plus its one-of-a-kind pocket tees, that is, pocket squares that are detachable.

Available in various designs, it can be used to customize the entire ensemble, and as an actual pocket for some stuff. (“We wanted to keep its intended functionality, testing it by filling a detachable pocket with a bunch of rocks for an entire month. It stayed on — so your iPhone is safe on Elated Pocket Tees,” Don piped in.)

Elated Industries’ products are currently available on an online platform ( Earlier this month, the brand had a pop-up store at the Ayala Center Cebu where they displayed some of their items.

Read more about the four founders and their story for this industry in the next couple of pages. FSE

When was Elated Industries established?

Don: We got into it in 2012 — on and off. In retrospect, it was more youthful exuberance than anything. We kept designing, however, trying to figure out what kind of brand Elated Industries should be. We collectively found that sense of focus in late 2014.

Where are your items currently available?

Don: They’re available online ( to everyone. If you’re within the city limits of Cebu, delivery is same day or next day via local bike messengers. The pop-up shop in Ayala Center Cebu will also be there for a full month ending mid May.

Connery Shirt over Elated Ice Cream Graphic Tee
Connery Shirt over Elated Ice Cream Graphic Tee

What’s the story behind the name?

Mikey: I came up with “Elated.” Don added “Industries” to sound masculine.
Carlos: We wanted a feeling that was beyond happy, a feeling that we aspire for everyday. The world Elated means extremely happy or excited because something has happened — who wouldn’t want that every day? As for “Industries,” wanted to tie that feeling down, make it tangible as something we can work.

Mechanic Shirt (light blue)
Mechanic Shirt (light blue)

How would you describe the brand’s style?

Carlos: Simple, handmade and fun. We make shirts for grown-ups, but we acknowledge that everyone has that little kid inside. This is best exemplified by our Connery, a grey chamber casual long-sleeve shirt that says “I’m a man” yet if you look closely you see the inner yoke and collar is lined with vibrant Hawaiian-patterned cloth — something that keeps that little kid inside elated.

Don: The designs come from a sincere place, and each one of them is something we’d wear and purchase ourselves. You can wear the shirts at work then head straight to a bar after work and never feel out of place.

What’s up with the pocket squares?

Mikey: I wanted to make pocket tees. Ralph thought of a detachable pocket. Carlos got compelled to the idea. Don refined it. Then elated pocket tees came upon.

Ralph: We wanted to portray elation in our designs right off the bat. Elation, however, has different definitions from person to person. That said, we came up with interchangeable pockets. We like to believe we are giving our customers the option to choose what elation is for them.

Don: You can pretty much just pick whichever ones you feel like, and attach what matches your mood.

What inspires you when you’re working on your designs?

Mikey: I try to get up in the morning before my wife and daughter does. I fix them breakfast, do my chores and I do my best to help my wife raise our daughter Mikayla. Before bed time I make sure they are safe and comfortable. The satisfaction I get is similar to being elated. I think of a design, make the prototype, check the quality… It’s safe to say I get my fuel from my responsibilities — whether it’s taking care of my family to designing. My dedication creates the art, and even better with a pack, The Elated Pack.

Carlos: Life, the mundane, the grind, the everyday things everyone has to do. I choose to see the silver lining in everything, to go beyond the trudging and give the ordinary that touch of “Elated.”

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