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Let there be apps for Lent

Meg Rivera


FORTY days of sacrifice and repentance will see their culmination in the next few weeks. For the devout, it means that the time of self-denial and prayer is nearly over. If you’re like the rest of us, it’s probably just hit you that Lent is almost over. Trust me, it’s hit me like a rock as well. I haven’t given anything up for Lent, and I have eaten meat for the last few Fridays. I’m not sure how long I’m going to roast for that.

It’s not too late for us to pick up the slack on our daily devotions. This week, we review three apps that help us get into the right mindset to celebrate the rest of the Lenten season. Each one of these apps is meant to guide us through the devotions for the day and making the most of the remainder of the season. Pick one to install now to help you make it through until Easter.

Passion-of-Jesus-iconAApp name: Passion of Jesus

App developers: Benedict Xavier

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: This app is designed to let users experience the last 24 hours of Christ’s life. You can set the app to play a station of the cross in 8 hour or 1 hour intervals.

Overall comment: Visita iglesia is still a tradition upheld by a lot of Catholic families here in the Philippines. This app could give it a modern twist, especially since the app also provides readings and devotions appropriate for that particular station. I especially like that you can set it so you can complete all 15 stations in half an hour, if you’re particularly pressed for time. Three clicks out of five.

Xt3-iconAApp name: Xt3 Calendar 2015

App developers: Xt3.com

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: Lent should not have to be complicated. I grew up in a Catholic school being made to think that it’s a season full of complex prayers and responses and lord help you if a piece of meat makes its way into your gob. This app has shown me that it doesn’t have to be difficult, and that you need.

Overall comment: This Lenten calendar provides you with the readings of the day, devotions and podcasts. Think of it as your mobile priest, who gives wonderful insight on the various aspects of the season. On top of that, this app is beautifully decorated with Australian Aborigine art. Forget your stuffy catechism lessons; this one goes back to basics and provides a more meaningful experience for everyone. Four clicks out of five.

Lentsanity-iconAApp name: Lentsanity

App developers: FOCUS

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: Have you decided what you’re going to give up for Lent? How are you finding it so far? If your answer is along the lines of “I will stuff my face full of XYZ at Easter!” then this app is for you. This app helps you stay focused on your commitment to give something up for 40 days.

Overall comment: From what I’ve seen, this covers most of the normal things that most people give up. It gives you daily reminders to avoid the things you want to give up, and it will remind you at lunch and dinner not to eat meat on Fridays. This is a rather extreme form of self-control; if you need your device to remind you not to touch chocolate or cake for Lent then you really must need help. This is for those dedicated to keeping their Lenten sacrifice. Four clicks out of five, just for its cheek.

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