A daily dose of dance - Weekend

A daily dose of dance

By Meg Rivera


AH, dance. Emotion made kinetic. When done right, dance looks almost ethereal. It looks like an otherworldly concurrence of motion and expression. There is nothing more profound than watching a brilliant dance performance, no matter what form it is. Dance moves, and it inspires everyone.

It inspires even the rhythmically challenged. Recently a UK-based gentleman was shamed on the Internet because well, he was a fat man who loved to dance. Celebrities and dance instructors came together and threw him a dance party, just to show those haters that you will kill yourself taking away someone else’s dancing feet.

This week, here are three apps that teach you how to put your best swing on. Some of these apps are just games, while others are serious video apps that teach you how to two step to the best of them. Either way, don’t let anyone try and take your beat away from you. Two step and shimmy, and have a blast doing it!

Just-Dance-Now-iconAApp name: Just Dance Now

App developer: Ubisoft

Available on: Google Play, iTunes

Easy to use: Using this app does take some technical knowhow. First, when you download it to your device you will need to hook it up to your laptop or TV for it to work. Your device works as the controller, and your TV as the screen.

Overall comment: As much fun as the original is, the controller function does take some of the fun away. I was hoping that you could just prop up your tablet in front of you and dance to it, but that isn’t the case here.

If you’re okay with this minor setback, then by all means go ahead and dance away! This app also allows you to record your performance and upload it to Facebook. No shame here guys, let your happy feet fly! Four clicks out of five.

Go-Dance-iconAApp name: Go Dance

App developer: SEGA Corp.

Available on: iTunes

Easy to use: This app won the App Store best of 2013 award from Apple Japan, and for good reason. All you really need to do is stand your device on a table or desk and crank the volume up! The developers recommend hooking up your device onto a bigger screen, but you can do without doing this.

Overall comment: You can compete with friends who have the app installed on their devices, and you can even score streaks to improve your score. At the moment, the song list isn’t very well updated, but you won’t need the current Top 40 if all you want to do is move. Five clicks out of five.

Pocket-Salsa-iconAApp name: Pocket Salsa

App developer: Modernistik

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: You pay to get this app on your device, but it treats you to over 100 salsa tutorials from the famous hosts of Addicted2Salsa. Google these guys, they are the real pros when it comes to salsa dancing. You can also freestyle with the downloadable salsa tracks the app provides, so you can squeeze in your practice in between videos.

Overall comment: We all love a good salsa dancer. We all want to be the good salsa dancer. This is totally worth the price you pay, especially if you are an enthusiast who isn’t too keen on group classes. I just wish these guys would hurry up with the jive and swing version of this app already, since the videos are so easy to follow and really talk you through the technique. Five clicks out of five.

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