On the go with groceries - Weekend

On the go with groceries

By Meg Rivera


MY BROTHER and I used to live together with a good friend for about two years. It was your typical student living arrangement: lots of late nights doing assignments, the occasional movie night and sharing chores. We split the groceries too, and we’d all take turns doing the shopping for the week.

A slight drawback to this sweet deal was that we would go days without seeing each other. This wasn’t so bad for the most part. But one week, we all had exams and projects to turn in and we were extra busy. One day I opened the fridge to see that it was nearly empty.

So I grab my keys and scoot over to the grocery store down the road and load up on the essentials: bread, milk, eggs. When I get home to unload everything into the fridge, I see my brother standing in the kitchen – with exactly the same groceries I had just gone shopping for. Four liters of milk, two loaves of bread and two dozen eggs. We lasted two weeks with all of that.

This week, use these three apps to make sure you coordinate your weekly grocery trip and come home with everything you actually need, instead of forgetting the one thing you came in for.

Grocery-List-FreeApp name: Grocery List Free (Shopping List)

App developer: Skript, LLC

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: There is an easy tutorial at the beginning of the app. I love how this was designed for the main grocery shopper in a household, who is often the one who cannot always figure out her smart device. Type in grocery items and their amounts, or pick from a pre-defined list to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Overall comment: This is the free version of the Grocery List app. The paid version allows you to SMS or email your list out to different people – something my brother and I could have used, to avoid any mix ups. You can also save your lists if you buy the same stuff every week. The lite version is good on its own, so you may not even need the full version. Three clicks out of five.

Grocery-GadgetApp name: Grocery Gadget

App developer: Pingwell, Inc

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: The description “pimped out shopping list” came to mind. This is what James Bond would use, because lord help us if James Bond can’t organise his shopping list. Grocery Gadget combines a mini-inventory system and a checkout option to view all your purchases.

Overall comment: This is confusing for the first timer, or for the un tech-savvy user. The entire shopping experience is customisable, from the name of the list you use (Holiday Dinner, Weekly Shopping, etc) down to the barcode on the product, which you scan into the app’s database so you remember how much each item costs. When you “check out”, you can see what’s in your cart, down to the last overripe banana. Wonderful for the anal retentive shopper; not so wonderful for those just trying to remember how much toothpaste they need. Three clicks out of five.

Out-of-MilkApp name: Out of Milk

App developer: Capigami, Inc

Available on: iTunes and Google Play

Easy to use: Out of Milk was featured on sites like Mashable and Nielsen for its sheer simplicity and genius. Type in the things you need, and tap on the name when you have it in your cart! This is as simple as it gets, and all you really need.

Overall comment: I’m tempted not to use a lot of words for this app, because I want you to experience its brilliance for yourself. I will say though, that the barcode scanning option (similar to Grocery Gadget’s) is useless and may even slow the whole app down. Don’t bother with this feature, but enjoy the rest of it! Four clicks out of five.

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