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Lightroom’s Smart Previews

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WHAT could be smarter than an application built solely for photographers? Lately, I was active in one of the Canon forums and there was a topic about what’s the best application for photographers. Until now, there are those that still recommend a straightforward Photoshop approach in the thread.

Any professional photographer would know that photo editing is just one of the many tasks to be done when processing your assets. There’s sorting, labeling, rating, and more before you actually reach the point of developing your photos. The idea is to be able to easily find a photo from an ongoing or previous project without taking too much time.

I have to admit that I’m not a Lightroom fan when it first came out. You can’t blame me – the application really needed overhauling. It was slow and it lacked the features that would stand out against the other apps for photographers. I started to get interested in the second release and was totally hooked up in the third release.

LR3’s engine was the defining one. I’ve been a Photoshop user since 1994, and I think LR3 has made its mark in the photo editing industry. Then came LR4, which changed the zones mapping by introducing the negatives for black, shadows, highlights and whites. It took time for me to get used to it but now I can’t do my work without it.

Lightroom 5, Smart Previews
Lightroom 5, Smart Previews

One of the features I like in the fifth release is the Smart Previews. The ability to manage and edit photos without the originals is very useful for me. This feature is for those who are always on the go. You can carry your work wherever you go, and you don’t have to drag the entire library with you.

Once you’re ready for intricate editing using Photoshop, then you can sync it back to your original files and all your mobile editing is applied. It’s very helpful when you’re sorting photos with your client and you want to perform editing in an instant, even without the original in your hard drive.

With Smart Previews, you don’t have to carry your external drive with you around. This also helps in keeping your data safe if you accidentally drop your drive. The good news is that Adobe is offering a photographer plan for $13 per month on their LR and PS Creative Cloud. This may be a smart way to get legit.

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