Make your own corkboard organizer

By Jana Baduel

OVER the years, I have grown accustomed to automatically stuffing my jewelry into drawers, only to spend a lot time trying to untangle it from my other accessories the following day. I know most of us are victims of our own disarray, which is why I’m sharing this quick way to save ourselves from wasting those extra minutes sorting out little trinkets.



You only need a sturdy corkboard and a couple of push pins to get this done. I bought my materials from Muji, but these can easily be found at any store that sells school supplies and hardware.

The first (and only) think I did was to simply arrange my pins to hold the items I planned to hook on afterwards. If you’re feeling creative, you can opt to cover your corkboard with printed fabric to make it look more interesting.
There you have it! A quick and practical way to store your knick knacks and jewelry!

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