Dominic Rubio’s first solo exhibit in Cebu - Weekend

Dominic Rubio’s first solo exhibit in Cebu

IMAGES of colonial grandeur punctuate the works of Dominic Rubio. Only in his early 40’s, Dominic Rubio is already considered a master of neo-genre painting.

The artist himself, Dominic Rubio

Qube Gallery hosts Dominic Rubio’s first solo exhibition in Cebu, entitled “La FamiliaCebuana,” where the artist plays the chronicler.

He showcases a collection immortalizing many Cebuano heritage spots with his “people types” portraying tradition and everyday practices.

Born in Paete, Laguna, Rubio is a founding member of the Guevarra Group of Artists and a graduate of the Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts. He has been painting for over two decades now.

Intrepid and determined, Rubio continues to evoke nostalgia and whimsy in his paintings. He is a favorite of major collectors from all over the globe and has had sold out exhibitions in Asia, North America, and Europe. Rubio has been lauded for his ability to paint the past as present.



A Carabao Ride
A Carabao Ride

“La FamiliaCebuana” exhibits in Qube Gallery at The Henry Hotel until May 19, 2014. Qube Gallery is located at One Paseo, Ma. Luisa Rd., Banilad St., Cebu City. (PR)

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