Carry-on 7KG Challenge: How to pack light under 7 Kilos - Weekend

Carry-on 7KG Challenge: How to pack light under 7 Kilos

By Rachel Arandilla

THERE’S a lot to be thankful for with budget airlines and their promo airfares. What was once a luxury to the elite few is now more accessible to more people. Dreaming of that trip to Japan? No problem – there’s always the Piso fare!

Nowadays, budget airlines have given us more freedom in customizing options to cater to our flight needs. Would you rather get more savings or more comfort for your next flight? Would you want food and amenities? The choice of your preferred seat? Or should you check-in luggage or just opt for carry-on?

Sacrificing these options could shave several hundred bucks off your ticket price, so a few inconveniences here and there could do good for your wallet.

However for girls, packing under seven kilos sounds almost impossible. Where to place all the makeup? Dresses? Chargers? Hairdryer?

When it comes to packing light, you’ll have to be ultra minimalist.

You’ll soon realize that many of the “essentials” aren’t essential after all. Here’s what you need to pack and what you need to leave home:

Basic outfits. Choose basic outfits that are flexible—they must be easy to wear, layer, mix and match.

CanonS110Camera. A camera is optional especially if you already have a smartphone to document your trip. Photo junkies (like me) can’t be caught dead without one though!

Phone. It’s a given that we can’t leave home without it. It could be your navigational device and lifesaver!




Toiletries. Stash your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, perfume and other toiletries in small 3.4 oz or 100 ml bottles. If you’ve travelled enough you know you can’t bring any liquids beyond the aforementioned volume.

Scarf. A scarf is a practical accessory, it keeps you warm and spruces up your #ootd

Shoes that are lightweight and comfortable for all-day walking will be your travel BFF.


Sun block lotion. Whether you’re traveling to somewhere with or without sun, wearing sun block is always good for your skin.

Travel first aid kit

Passport and wallet

Mint gum

What to leave home:

Unnecessary camera equipment like tripods, camera grip, etc. Your choice if you want to bring along your selfie stick or not.

Bulky clothes. If you really need to, you can avoid adding bulk to your carry on by wearing your bulkiest clothes, jacket and shoes while in transit.

Your hairdryer

Towel. Use the towels available in the hotels where you’ll be staying. Bringing a towel is too bulky for your convenience. But if you must bring one, you can opt for a sarong or a microfiber cloth towel.

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