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When in Barteamore!

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BAR Tea More is a business café located at the ground level of the Sarrosa Hotel on F. Cabahug St. in Mabolo. This pleasant little space will do nothing except surprise you in pleasant little ways.

My friend Kirby owns this quaint little nook and despite several invitations to visit his place since its opening in September last year, this visit was my first ever, only because he told me he makes all the food there and I would not believe him!

The moment of truth had arrived as I walked into the store to be greeted by his eager staff and his charming mother who was resting on their very comfortable-looking couch after a long day working.

The Private Room
The Private Room

On the counter table was a charming display of my favorite pineapple and mango cakes, a Taiwanese pastry that is made here in Cebu. Kirby’s stepfather is a Taiwanese national and that is why Taiwanese culture is dear to their hearts. I’ve tried these cakes before and how I love them so!

House Special Salad
House Special Salad

Kirby’s friend Khate was joining us for dinner, or so I thought. I was the only one eating that night since the three of them, Kirby, his mom, and Khate had already had their dinner.

We were seated in a private room with a nice wall decorated with paper butterflies and riveting artwork for sale. I liked that room. I started with the Crab Chowder and decided it was very satisfying that it looks as though I had licked my bowl clean. Then came the beautiful House Special Salad! Complete with two of my most favorite nuts in the world, almonds and cashews. There were little cubes of cheese, raisins, a variety of lettuce, plus arugula in a homemade French dressing! I was glad Kirby recommended this salad. It was perfect!

I already got so full with the soup and salad but I couldn’t resist devouring the Sardines Pasta, a light pasta with capers. Yum! The Crab and Egg Sandwich came with a side of nachos and some cheese sauce. How could you say no to that? But I had to share it! I’m glad Khate split the sandwich with me. Kirby wouldn’t budge as he doesn’t really eat much carbs. Whatever!

To cut the long story short, I ate everything they put in front of me. When my Fresh Pineapple and Carrot Juice came with a mango and a pineapple cake, I knew there was room for that in my stomach despite everything I chomped down because I knew it would be worth it. And so it was!

I only had one thought in my mind after that gluttonous feat, why on earth have I come here just now? All dishes are at P119 per serving and you get a P20 rebate that you can use on your next visit.

Kirby’s stepfather father is a Taiwanese national and his family owns a canning company where our most of their shipments were to Baltimore. It was an inside joke that he pronounced it differently. Like Baltimore would be “Bartimore”. Therefore, Bar.Tea.More!

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