3 reasons to visit Carcar - Weekend

3 reasons to visit Carcar

Miss Carcar retells what charms await travelers in the town center

By Fiona Patricia S. Escandor

ONE of the great things about being in Cebu is that you have plenty of weekend getaway opportunities right at your fingertips. While the island’s beaches are obviously the more popular choice, town centers offer experiences just as vibrant and exciting as well.

Let’s hear it from 18-year-old Jaya Lozano, the reigning Miss Carcar, as she gives us three reasons why we should include this famous city down south in our travel bucket list this season. An accountancy student of the University of San Carlos, Jaya was crowned with the title during the Kabkaban Festival last November.

Carcar Rotunda
Carcar Rotunda

1. It is home to many historical landmarks.

Jaya said she has always been proud of how Carcar has maintained several cultural and historical structures such as the centuries-old St. Catherine de Alexandria Church, the old Parish Convent, the Balay Na Tisa, the Carcar Museum (formerly the town dispensary), and the iconic rotunda in the heart of the city. Several private houses, built back in the Spanish and American periods, have also been well-preserved and continue to fascinate tourists that flock the city.


2. An abundance of local delicacies to choose from.

“Carcar lechon is really the best,” gushes Jaya. There visitors can have their fill of famous Carcar delicacies such as lechon, chicharon, ampao and bocarillo. Vendors offer bits and slices for visitors to try, too. Lechon stalls are located inside the market, while chicharon, ampao and bocarillo stalls line up around the town rotunda.

St . Catherine de Alexandria Church
St . Catherine de Alexandria Church

3. Experience warm hospitality and laidback lifestyle.

Jaya, who is presently residing in Cebu City as she pursues her studies, said she always enjoys visiting her hometown, as she gets to experience the people’s warm hospitality and a laidback lifestyle. Hanging out in the town plaza in the evenings, or checking out the shoe shops (which Carcar is also known for), are some of her favorite activities—and ones she hopes visitors and travelers will look forward to as well!

Photos (Miss Carcar): Alfred Gregory Bartolome
Photos (Landmarks): Contributed
Clothes: Macy Tagalog
Hair & Makeup Artist: Roger Gomez

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