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Enjoying Every Moment

Learn some layover tips from these Weekend readers

By Marymil M. Cabrera

Layovers can be dragging most specially for those who want to reach their destination directly despite long hours of flying. Aside from consuming your time, layovers force you to get off the airplane and deal with the hassle of boarding again. Unfortunately, layovers are often inescapable during long-haul flights. Readers share how they make the most out of their time to keep them entertained in between flights.

Janlord Orillosa, 22


“During my trip last month, my flight from Korea to Cebu made a layover in Manila. The good thing was, I did not have to experience it alone, I had my friends with me to keep me company. Instead of just waiting for our flight to Cebu sitting at the airport, we went to a nearby spa and enjoyed a very good massage. Afterwards, we enjoyed a very affordable meal and strolled somewhere nearby. It is important to keep yourself entertained during your pastime in order to enjoy every bit of the journey.”

Abigail Morales, 24

Cabin Crew

“I often use layover periods for rest, especially between long-haul flights. But most of the time I sacrifice sleep because life is meant for great adventures and there is so much more to see in this world! I spend it by exploring places with colleagues, trying out local food and visiting famous tourist attractions. But what I love doing most during layovers is buying gifts and souvenirs for my family and friends from the cities and countries I have traveled to.”

Zuchie Pe, 20

Premier Property Specialist

“What I usually do during a layover is stroll around the airport to look for a good coffee shop or restaurant. When it comes to long layovers, I spend my time binge-watching my favorite TV shows. But there was one time when my friend and I had more or less a 24-hour layover, so we went around the city to eat and do some last-minute shopping.”

Ruby Pansoy, 24


“Whenever I travel to other countries, I tend to get flights with long layovers, between four and 10 hours. Before traveling, I make sure I have a map with me and familiarize myself with the airport so I would know what’s best to do. If I’m able to find a free lounge with snacks, I would go straight there. If not, I’d look for a cafe or restaurant I could chill at and check and reply to emails and personal messages. I window-shop a little too, but I also make sure that I freshen up in the airplane before my flight. And of course, I take photos and videos in between for my Instagram story.”

Clint Canuday, 24

Cabin Crew

“As a cabin crew, there are a lot of things you can do during a layover but I’m the type who prefers to rest during a layover. Sometimes though, I go to the mall or shopping centers especially when I need to buy some stuff that I couldn’t get from the Philippines. I’d go on tours or destinations I haven’t been to as well. What’s special about layovers is that you get to travel and experience the culture of different countries. You can be eating ramen in Japan on a Monday and then go shopping in L.A. by the weekend. It’s one of the perks that I love about my job. As they say, “When you love your job, you’d never have to work a day in your life.”

Joshua Escalante, 25

Law Student

“I usually roam around the airport or terminal and pass through different boarding gates during layovers to keep me awake and to somehow see the beauty of the airport especially when it’s a mall-like type of airport just like Hong Kong International Airport and Changi Airport in Singapore.”

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