Crossword Crazy - Weekend

Crossword Crazy

By Meg Rivera

CROSSWORDS run in the family. My grandfather used to do them, and quite well from what I hear. For a time, my mom and dad did it as well. One of them would start and whatever one couldn’t finish, the other would attempt to fill in. I tried getting in on the fun, and so far I haven’t quite left it alone.

It’s a great time-killer, too. I remember how excited I used to get if I saw a newspaper lying around because that meant there would be a crossword in there as well.

As I’ve said a couple of times before, technology will never replace a newspaper. For those of us who are wanting a happy medium though (and really, who likes ink-stained fingers?), here are a few apps that will have you killing time in a new, old-fashioned way.

Crossword-Stand-AloneApp name: Crossword

Developer: Stand Alone Inc.

Available on: App Store, Google Play

Easy to use: My granddad could use this. This would be a lot easier to use with a separate keyboard so you can see more of the board.

Overall comment: This is probably one of the best crossword apps I have ever seen. The puzzles are a good variety of levels, and the UI is very easy to navigate. I would think that this could be improved if it didn’t have such reliability on a wi-fi connection to download new puzzles, but for the ones that you initially get, you could stay entertained for a bit before wanting to get new ones.

Crossword+App name: Crossword+

Developer: The Crossword, Trivia, IQ Test and Solitaire Family

Available on: App Store, Google Play

Easy to use: Needs a little of fiddling around with, but it’s not too hard to figure out. I could imagine an older person may have difficulty with this because of the tiny font the clues are written in.

Overall comment: Despite what I said about older users, I think this would be a great challenge for a more experienced crossword puzzler (I made that up just now) but not for a novice. The “easy” level is simple enough to answer, but the interface is going to confuse a lot of people.

Crossword-TeazelApp name: Crossword

Developer: Teazel

Available on: App Store, Google Play

Easy to use: Easy enough. You need to complete certain levels to unlock the rest of the puzzles, as well as buy additional puzzle “packs” if you want to keep playing. This may not be fun for someone who wants their crosswords easy and hassle-free.

Overall comment: It looks rather juvenile, but for what you get, it isn’t bad. I just wish the developers had put a bit more thought into the game design because it can get distracting at times. The puzzles are just downright confusing; it would take a hardcore puzzler to crack most of them. I abandoned this after the first few tries, but I welcome anybody who feels up to a proper challenge to take this one on.

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