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A Creamy Affair

Christian Jay B. Quilo
SunStar Weekend Writer

MILK tea, although good as is, is great with fun little toppings or ‘sinkers’ like pearls, pudding, nata and grass jelly. But there’s one topping that takes the indulgence of milk tea a notch higher (sorry, blood sugar): cream. Its name varies from brand to brand – salty cream, rock salt and cheese, mousse – but essentially, it’s a type of whipped cream. What makes this cream the perfect cap to milk tea is that it adds a delicious sweet and salty twist to it. If you haven’t tried this yet, here are eight milk tea joints where you can level up your favorite milk tea.

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice
“Salty Cream”
Where: SM Seaside City Cebu and (Soon!) Ayala Center Cebu

My go-to combo is the 2 Ladies (classic milk tea with pearls and pudding) with extra Salty Cream. You get different textures and tastes: the chewiness of the pearls, the silkiness of the pudding and the sweet and saltiness of the cream – it’s the topping trifecta!

Where: Several locations in Cebu

You can get this as an add-on for milk tea-based options but Chatime does have a drink with mousse already in it: Chocolate Mousse, a rich cocoa-based drink with the mousse on top.

Hebrews Shebrews
“Rock Salt and Cheese”
Where: Several locations in Cebu

Instead of putting it on top of the milk tea, Hebrews Shebrews adds its rock salt and cheese a tad differently: it’s smeared around the cup, creating these beautiful beige swirls enveloping the milk tea.

Macao Imperial Tea
“Cream Cheese”
Where: SM Seaside City Cebu and SM City Cebu

Macao Imperial Tea is known for its Cream Cheese Series. There’s even a sign by the counter that shows how one can properly enjoy the best-selling Cream Cheese Milk Tea. Yes, there’s a suggested 45-degree angle tilt of the cup.

Gong Cha
“Gong Cha Milk Cream”
Where: Several locations in Cebu

On the menu, you’ll find a House Special section, which is a variety of teas – from green to earl grey – topped with Gong Cha’s signature milk cream.

Happy Lemon
“Rock Salt and Cheese”
Where: 4th Level, Ayala Center Cebu

Personally, I think Happy Lemon’s cream is the thickest in terms of consistency and also most pronounced in saltiness. So if you like the cream extra rich, you might want to give Happy Lemon’s a try.

Where: F. Ramos St., Cebu City

By default, Chingkeetea’s milk teas are served without toppings so think of them as blank canvases that you can get creative with. One of the toppings you can add is ChingkeeCheese, the brand’s own take on the salted cream.

Bubble Tea Station
“Rock Salt and Cheese”
Where: Several locations in Cebu

Among the brands on this list, Bubble Tea Station’s cream is probably the lightest taste-wise, so it’s perfect for those who prefer a cream that isn’t too rich. Bubble Tea Station was awarded Best Milk Tea of 2018 by SunStar Best of Cebu.

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