Wow, Macau! - Weekend

Wow, Macau!

A BUSTLING city that blends Portuguese culture and traditional Chinese traits, Macau is a must-see destination in Asia. Here are a few of the many reasons to make Macau your first travel destination for 2019:

1. Macau is a heritage city

Inscribed by Unesco as the Historic Centre of Macau, this vibrant city includes 25 world historical heritages in a single city. Stroll amidst the European-style neoclassical buildings and browse the boutiques along Senado Square. Then take a tour to the Ruins of St. Paul’s, Macao’s most famous landmark built in the 16th century originally as a college and cathedral.


2. Macau offers sights and thrills aplenty

Get a spectacular bird’s eye view of the city on top of the Macau Tower, a 338m national monument that offers thrilling activities such as Tower Climb, Bungee Jump, Sky Jump, or Skywalk.

3. Macau is known as “The Vegas of Asia”

Macau is packed with entertainment centers, such as the lavish Venetian Macau and Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, a huge complex of theme park ideal for the whole family.

4. Macau is a haven for foodies

No visit to Macau is complete without enjoying their famous egg tarts, as well as Minchi, Macau’s national dish with minced beef, potatoes, onions, soy sauce, topped with black fungus and fried egg over rice. Must-tries include salt fish cakes and Macanese-style prawns. Yum.

5. Macau is a flight away from Cebu

A favorite budget airline has launched a new direct route to Macau from Cebu. AirAsia’s new Cebu–Macau route will commence this Feb. 8 and will fly daily. That’s just a month from now, so book away! (With PR)

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