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Put a ring on it

Lit couples engage us with their engagement tales

By Patricia May P. Catan and Christian Jay B. Quilo


FINDING “The One” can come at the most unexpected moments, but when you finally find that person who completes you, everything just falls into place and life takes on a new meaning. Here are three engaged couples who share their stories, wedding plans and expectations of the married life.

Kryz Uy and Slater Young

Kryz Uy and Slater Young

Unlike the typical rom-com, it wasn’t love at first sight for these two. In fact, when they met the first time years ago after being introduced through common friends, they didn’t exactly like each other. But as cheesy as it may sound, it must have been written in the stars because look at Kryz and Slater now: a bona fide power couple, three years together and yes, engaged.

Earlier this year, Slater proposed to Kryz on their winter trip to Niseko, Japan. The proposal caught Kryz off guard as the two had previously never talked about tying the knot. “I didn’t expect it at all since we had never discussed marriage. It was totally unexpected. I wasn’t able to respond right away when he asked just because I was so confused! But I eventually said yes,” muses Kryz.

Slater proposed to Kryz during their winter trip to Niseko, Japan.

The two also had their Ting Hun ceremony or Chinese engagement last September. And while the wedding planning is underway, they are also working on building their future home, which they fondly call the #SkyPod. Rather than be frazzled about the nerve-wracking process of planning a wedding, they’re just enjoying every moment they get to spend with each other throughout this process. “I’m super chill so I’m sort of just letting things roll out! As of now, it’s pretty smooth sailing.”

Time together can sometimes be a luxury for these two career-driven individuals as they maintain hectic schedules: Kryz, a jet-setting content creator and entrepreneur, and Slater, a civil engineer and CEO of his own construction materials company. But they’re taking everything in stride. On what makes their relationship work, Kryz says: “Mutual respect for each other most definitely. We allow each other to grow and do our own thing. We trust each other completely as well.”

“We allow each other to grow and do our own thing. We trust each other completely as well.”

No plans have been set in stone yet regarding their honeymoon, although South Africa is on top of their list.

While their lips are sealed about details on their wedding, they look forward to their journey together as Mr. and Mrs. Young. “I expect it to be a huge adjustment but I’m looking forward to it! A lot of older married couples seem so jaded, but I hope I can prove them wrong!”

Hanz Coquilla and Ichael Serneo

Hanz Coquilla and Ichael Serneo

One can find true love online and these two can definitely attest to that. Hanz and Ichael first met on Facebook and only started talking when Ichael worked abroad. A whirlwind romance if one should label it, but what made their bond work is letting go of expectations.

With that, the two have been together for five years now and are happily engaged. “It was crazy,” Hanz fondly recalls. Ichael got down on one knee in the middle of SunStar Cebu’s Best of Cebu party last year at no less than the Pacific Grand Ballroom of Waterfont Cebu City Hotel and Casino. In front of hundreds of people, to add.

In front of hundreds of people, Ichael proposed during SunStar Cebu’s Best of Cebu party last year at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of Waterfont Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

Hanz shares that they’re setting aside wedding plans for now. “We want to focus on our business. We want to grow the business and put up other businesses as well.” Indeed, the two are in no rush for the ceremony for they’re planning to get married three years from now.

“We want to have our own house first before getting married. We want a financially stable married life,” adds Hanz. With their plan of marriage still three years away, their honeymoon destination is already decided. They want to spend it in the Mediterranean.

Vanessa East and Michael Karlo Lim

“We’re terribly imperfect and that’s what makes it perfect.”

Their love story started out simple like the usual love story you learn in movies. The two first knew of each other through mutual friends back in the day and then got to talk at a show they were seated together at. The relationship blossomed when Karlo went abroad and it was during that time when the two started getting to know each other.

An act of true love, Karlo came back home to Cebu for Kat. It’s easy to tell that Karlo coming back home was one of the best decisions he made in this lifetime since it brought both of them closer and now, they’ve been together for five long years and counting.

To reach such years is never an easy feat but with each other, it was more than a breezy ride. Kat shares that they’re very connected at the creative level, which makes the relationship work. “At the same time, we don’t agree in everything. I think that balances things out,” adds Kat.

Karlo echoes that understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses and playing these to their advantage is also a great factor to a long-lasting relationship. “We’re terribly imperfect and that’s what makes it perfect.” But nothing was more perfect on their fifth anniversary when everything lined up to Karlo’s advantage. He then decided that it was the ideal time to ask for Kat’s hand in marriage. “The date of our fifth year fell on a Sunday when I’d regularly have a column out in this magazine and it was the “Commitment Issue,” to boot.”

Karlo shares that he rearranged his publishing schedules and put out the proposal in print on June 17, 2018. “I got her a copy and woke her up with it and gave a dozen roses. She thought it was an anniversary surprise and that the article was yet another travel article.”

With these two lovebirds taking their relationship to another level, there’s no rush into tying the knot soon for they’re still getting around to planning it. Kat says that their big day is still an open date for now, but they’re definitely looking at the cooler months.

As for the honeymoon, they’d love to revisit India and maybe explore more of the Southern part when the day comes.

Talking about married life, Karlo points that they’re very involved in each other’s lives that they’re already practically living it. “It can only get even better with time.”

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