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By Christian Jay B. Quilo


IN THIS day and age, every person is probably on at least one social media platform. Facebook and Instagram are major success stories, being two of the most used platforms in the world. Other companies were quick to follow suit, jumping on the social media bandwagon and creating a platform of their own that offer similar or complementary features to existing ones, or tapping a completely different niche in the social media arena. Check out these lesser known and relatively new social media platforms:


This one’s a lot like Facebook with a few key differences. Vero’s Collections feature allows a user to gather all content he or she wants — say, funny memes — and saves it in a tab for easy future reference. Vero also allows a user to somewhat segregate the members he or she is connected with on the app by categorizing them under Close Friend, Friend, Acquaintance or Followers. That means whatever you post, you can specify and filter the audience, including who sees it and who doesn’t. Additionally, you can also filter the content you want to see from your friends. Photos only? Sure. No links? Gotcha.


Similar to Twitter, individuals can use Mastodon to share whatever it is he or she wants — may it be a link, text, photo or video — in not more than 500 characters. Unlike most social media platforms these days that are loaded with sponsored content, Mastodon is ad-free and the items in your feed appear chronologically — no fancy-schmancy algorithm. What you want to see in your feed is completely under your control.


If you’re bored with the same old Instagram Stories and want to give it a little oomph, Fastory does just that. This graphics editor allows users to enhance Stories with dynamic and interactive elements like moving text and graphics such as polls and quizzes with photos and videos altogether. This is especially useful to brands who want to engage with their audience more. Once finishing your desired design on the platform, it automatically sends this to your email. From there, you can download the file and upload it onto your Instagram!


Compared to the usual video viewing, Periscope is a live video-streaming app that adds a sense of immediacy and timeliness to the experience. Users of Periscope can view live videos on their phone or tablet, as well as comment and interact with the person streaming the video real time. If you want to watch live videos from users in other parts of the globe, you can search live videos from all over the world. Similar to Instagram Stories, videos on Periscope disappear after 24 hours. However, should one like to save his or her own video, he may do so by downloading it.


Like its parent app Foursquare, Swarm is a social location-sharing app. While Foursquare is best if you are looking for new places to discover, Swarm lets you check-in to your current location so your friends know where you are. Like other social media, you can comment as well as attach photos to your check-ins. One key feature of this app is the map that shows every check-in you’ve ever made, perfect for times when you need to remember something and backtrack or if you just want a dose of nostalgia and take a trip down memory lane.

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