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If it’s meant to be

Feature Story: Abigael Seville


I FIRST met him 20-plus years ago in a school activity way back in high school. He never said hello to me but I was hoping he’d do otherwise. Later on, I not only knew the face, but I got to know his name, too.

Throughout high school, I only got to see him once: at a mall when he was with his friends. A conversation was started but he never said a word; he only offered a smile. And I think my heart immediately fluttered a beat.

In college, I saw him again around my campus during practices. He was an athlete and as most of you would agree, girls are suckers for athletes, aside from musicians and men in uniform. I was not exempt from that population. I used to see him practice from time to time but he does not see or notice me watching him play. I think at one point I told myself: “I think I love him!” Oh, the innocence back in those days!

At that time, he had a girlfriend so, boohoo for me. However, I found a tiny ray of light for me when I got hold of his mobile number and decided to send him a text message. After a few exchanges through text, we agreed to meet up in the hallway one afternoon after his practice. I was pretty excited, so to speak, but when the time came, we just smiled at each other across the hallway. That was it; no effort whatsoever. Amid the silence, I heard my heart getting crushed into pieces.

That was the last time I saw and heard of him.

I graduated ahead of my batch because I can’t wait to get out and explore the real world. The perks of working and adulthood excited me, as well as the idea of going home early in the morning after a night out and paying for my own groceries. I enjoyed every bit of my experience of working in Manila until I got pregnant.

Life was good for me and my kids back then. During our frequent annual vacations, I inadvertently saw him with his girlfriend in one of our annual vacations. My realizations hit hard: he looked happy, while I looked tired and haggard with two young children in tow.

He was, and will only be, just a dream.

He came back into my life twice. First, he found me in Friendster and we exchanged our hi’s and hello’s, until communication was cut off again. Second time was him finding me on Facebook, asking me to set him up with dates! Oh, the irony!

On one occasion after catching up on social media, we decided to meet. My relationship had just ended, and he came back with perfect timing: a listening ear from a love I thought that was gone for good was a welcome respite. It was not hard not to fall for him again. After all these years, we finally had a real conversation, a good dose of catching up on each other’s lives. Years of wondering how he sounded has been settled: Mystery Unlocked.

After a third time of coming back to my life, you may wonder: where is he now? Did he come back for good? Or has he left again, forever?

That guy, my fairytale, is whom I’m married to for four years. Now we have frequent, real conversations, and at times, some petty arguments. We’re the total opposite of each other: he’s somber, I’m lively. I crack jokes while he has challenges understanding one. But then, love is an action word so we make it a point to love each other daily despite and in spite of our misunderstandings and unlovable traits.

An excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist is what I keep close to my heart as a reminder: “And when you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I urge you all to take heed, with abundant prayers. Be it searching for your one true love or taking a step forward for your passion.

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