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Get ready for the Binisaya Film Festival

FOR close to 10 years, one movement has been championing local films with a clear resolve to “break the walls of Filipino Cinema.” Hatched in the heart of urban Cebu, the Binisaya Film Festival not only has focused on local film and filmmakers, its ever-growing light has shone on the peripheries as well, and well beyond.

Proof of this is that this year’s BFF, with the theme “Tan-aw Man Ka,” offers four categories that extends beyond Cebu’s boundaries: Binisaya Shorts, Asian Shorts, Binisaya Shorts in Exhibition, and Homecoming.

Binisaya Shorts is a competition among films in the vernacular that challenge perceptions of Filipino cinema. Asian Shorts 2018 runs films from neighboring Asian countries. Binisaya Shorts in Exhibition: Peripheral Mindanao shows first films of up-and-coming and established mindanao filmmakers, with guest programme by Jay Rosas. The Homecoming category features Keith Deligero’s Babylon, which was exhibited in Berlin, and carries this plot: two young girls travel back in time to assassinate a barangay dictator.

Surely, the second half of the year will be a festive time for film buffs with outdoor and indoor screenings in key areas of the city, and culminating with the three-day festival from Sept. 20 to 22.

For now, SunStar Weekend gives you a sneak peak of the Bisaya Film Festival’s official selection of short films in competition:

Ang Wa’ Damhang Importansya Sa Teleserye
Rodiell Veloso (Cagayan de Oro)

In the early 2000s, Joe is a screenwriter for GM8’s biggest soap opera “Sa Pagtila Ng Ulan”. He is at odds with the showrunners when they want a cliché for an ending whereas he wants to make something else. A battle of external and internal conflicts arise as Joe tries to deal with the pressures of catering to the general audience’s taste and his own creative fulfillment.

Walay Nidanguynguy
Glorypearl Dy (Davao)

Women who are forced to leave their original spaces, dealing with various challenges depicted in visual and musical score. When familiar spaces become strangers, these women transform into the departed. Tears may water their story to live on, but, as in many stories of most displaced, they were not identified and so no one came to weep.

Neil Gabriel Arradaza Nanta (Cebu)

Projection on urban dysfunction.

Sa Pagsalop Sa Adlaw
Angelo Geverola Abella (Cebu)

A young man wanders around the city to go back to his memories — and pays a visit to his most beloved person.

Alyssa Ashley Manugas (Cebu)

What if doomsday is one of us? Will she continue what she is destined to do or give us another chance? How will she decide? Do our actions on treating Mother Earth affect her decision? This is a story of a cast away, how most of the people treat her, and how the current events in our world intertwine with her experiences.

The Last Question
Jeremy Damazo (Cebu)

Greg finds himself trapped and tortured in an unknown location, and all he wants to know is why?

Wala’y Humayan sa Tanglad
Neil Briones (Cebu)

A documentary crew go out into Philippine agricultural heartland to tail the lives made rich by miracle rice — a prized strain of the grain with almost mythic qualities

Tyl Abellaneda (Cebu)

Jennieh , troubled by a recurring nightmare, visits a dream shop to alter her dreams.

Dan Banate (Cebu)

Kido, an art student living a mundane college life, who is circumstantially introduced to a new emerging drug that psychedelically affects him to be more creative and ecstatic but at the expense of having a dysfunctional sense of time.

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