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Showing your books some love and care

By Christian Jay B. Quilo


YOU’VE not just spent money but also invested time in your books, so it is only right that you take good care of them. Books don’t require much upkeep, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Below are a few tips on how to keep your beloved books in mint condition.

Do not place them near liquids.

Do not place a book near a glass of water or a plate of food as you are literally one accident away from potentially dousing your book and ruining it.

Read with clean hands.

Wash your hands thoroughly before reading. Residue of oil or grease on your fingertips can stain and blemish the pages.

Do not open them too widely.

When you open a book, support the cover so it doesn’t bend all the way and hurt the spine.

Store them in a dry place.

Humidity can cause mold to grow in your books. Also, keep them away from sunlight as this can damage the quality of the paper.

Do not squeeze too many books in a bookshelf.

Make sure that the books have enough breathing space between them. Don’t over-stuff your bookshelf.

Make sure they are shelved upright.

Leaving books leaning or slanted can deform them. If they’re of the larger, thicker kind, it’s fine to lay them flat as long as you do not stack too many books on top of it.

Use a flat bookmark.

Don’t insert anything bulky between the pages as this can dent or deform the pages and the book itself. A nice, flat bookmark will do. And once you’re through with the book, take out the bookmark.

Cover them.

This feels like a re-run of our years in elementary and high school, right? But if it means keeping our books safe and protected, why not take the extra step?

Dust off your book regularly.

Wiping and dusting them off every two weeks or maybe every month will suffice. Don’t allow dust to build up on your books.

Remove them from the shelf properly.

By instinct, most of us would pull out a book from a bookshelf by tugging the upper tip of the spine but this can cause damage to it over time. Instead, gently move the books on either side of it and take it out by holding the center of the spine.

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