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All about the barbecue

By Alexis Yap


THIS is Cebu. There’s barbecue everywhere. We’ve all got our favorites from the nooks and crannies of our little neighborhoods. I know I’ve got my own little list from no-name places as far north as Talamban and my forever fave Litang’s down south.

Yet here comes a not-so-new contender, quite mainstream, yet really worth mentioning. A brand originally from Ilo-ilo that made its way to the bellies and then to the hearts of the Cebuanos – Charcoal Boy.

Baked Cheese and Garlic Oysters
Sinigang Hipon

They’ve been around for about a year in Cebu yet it was my first time to try them out at their newly opened branch in Park Mall. They are known for their affordable and delicious oysters, all imported from Ilo-ilo and served in many delicious ways — Steamed, Baked Rockefeller, Baked Hot Chili, Crispy Fried Oyster and my favorite, Baked Cheese and Garlic.

Pancit Canton
Steamed Oyster

Being a brand from Ilo-ilo, one could expect the signature taste of their famous chicken barbecue and it surely was as expected. But this time, one particular dish really stood out for me. Yes, you guessed it right – their Pork Belly Barbecue. It had the perfect ratio of 1:1, fat-to-meat, no skin, in a five-hour marinade that brings just the right sweetness to every succulent bite. Oh, it was just divine. It is only P148 per order of four utterly delicious sticks of perfection.

Pork Belly Barbecue

Their affordable menu assures you and your date or entire family a satisfying meal. I enjoyed my Pork Belly Barbecue with an order of Pancit Canton, Baked Cheese and Garlic Oysters and some extra rice of course. And next time, when the weather cools down, I’ll probably get the Sinigang to pair with my new-found favorite Pork Belly Barbecue. Who wants to come? =)

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