Oscars Viewing Essentials

By Patricia May P. Catan
Illustrations: John Gilbert Manantan


A GLOBAL event that millions of people await, the Academy Awards are always a much-awaited event in film-crazy Philippines. Despite the time difference between Los Angeles and the country, Filipinos will surely find ways to stay updated with each award handed out. To enjoy watching the awards to the fullest, here’s a list of Oscars viewing essentials:

A quiet place.

Since The Oscars fall on a Monday in the Philippines and one will probably be away from home for work, make sure to find a quiet place where one can watch the Academy Awards in peace.

A friend.

Watching an award show like this is best enjoyed with a friend, so grab that one friend who’s equally a fan of the film industry for a more fun Oscars viewing party for two.

A smartphone.

If you don’t have access to the television, a smartphone is a recommended alternative for watching The Oscars. Just make sure you won’t get in trouble watching in the workplace.

A stable Wi-Fi connection.

There’s no HBO for now and one has to rely on live stream. If one doesn’t want to miss a single second of the ceremony, make sure you can find stable internet connection.

A power bank or charger.

Live streaming can drain one’s battery easily and be extra prepared by bringing a power bank or charger.

A phone stand.

Holding one’s phone for a long period can stress the hands, so it’s best to have a phone stand prepared to take away the hassle. Plus, a phone stand makes everything much more convenient.


To avoid public disturbance, use your earphones while watching the awards ceremony and for better audio.

Comfy clothes.

Be in one’s comfiest clothes tomorrow for that homey vibe while watching the Academy Awards.

A comfy chair.

Find a comfy chair because these awards shows take pretty long to finish and we’re sure you’ll be glued to your phone screen until the very end.

A bag of chips and water.

Munchies are also a great companion when viewing an awards ceremony. Having a bag of chips and water on the side will surely keep one on your seat.

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