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Destination honeymoon (If men had their way)

By Joyce Villaflor, STC Mass Comm Intern


THERE is no better way to spend the first few days of being married than having a little getaway as husband and wife. Other couples may prefer to indulge in the tropical beauty of the Philippines while some may desire to experience the wonders of foreign countries. Oftentimes, girls like to decide where to go but this time, let’s hear it from the gentlemen on where they plan taking their future partners for their honeymoon.

Bora Bora
Francis Marc O. Ty, 21

Image: Scott Williams

“I would like to bring my future wife for our honeymoon in Bora Bora, French Polynesia. It is one of the most romantic places to enjoy and it is a perfect place to go to with my partner. It is where we can experience a lot of things and it is worth it to be there according to the feedback of many travelers. I choose this place because it symbolizes perfection and quality and that’s what I want to sustain in our relationship after our honeymoon.”

Northern Lights
Rowell Ucat “Medyo Maldito,” 27
Artist • Writer

Northern Lights

“Europe. I wanna spend our honeymoon traveling across Europe together. Viewing the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is on my bucket list. I would love to scratch that off my list with her.”

Patrick Brian A. Pepito, 22


“I would like to take my future wife to France for our honeymoon. France has its distinct aura for romance in my opinion. It isn’t just France, but Europe is the best place to spend the holidays after the wedding. I specifically choose France because of its glamour.”

A simple place
Kier Anthony
Bajamonde, 25

Image: Associated Press

“I would like to bring my special someone to a simple place where we can relax, spend time together and explore some adventures. Anywhere is okay, but I’ll mostly consider my partner’s preference. For me, it’s not the place that matters. As long as we are together. It will be fun. What I have to make sure is we will both enjoy this unforgettable milestone of us.”

John Laurence B. Villaflor, 24
Graphic Artist

Image: Frédéric Ducarme

“The honeymoon is probably one of the most ‘memorable’ trips of one’s life. After the tiresome and exhausting wedding preparations, it is the best time for us to spend our intimate time together. It is even more special because this would be our FIRST EVER trip as a married couple.

For our honeymoon, I would like to take her to the Maldives because the place itself is very romantic and perfect for the two of us. It is the best place to relax and enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters and white sand beach. On the other hand, I would like us to stay in the bungalows, wherein we could watch the sunset together. And then, in the evening we will have a candle light dinner. And also, part of our trip is to explore the island and spend time with the locals.”

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