Photography Reborn - Weekend

Photography Reborn

Albert Pedrosa

I HAVE the tendency to influence a photography student to take fashion photography. It’s really not intentional. Maybe I’m just too deep in this passion of mine that all I see is coated with it and students are inspired with the overflowing appreciation of my kind of photographic genre.

When I’m asked when I started photography, my answer is always high school. Truth is, it was the time that photography was introduced to me and that’s it. No love for the art, just pure curiosity during those times. The experience of doing something with chemicals and images that appear out of the white photographic paper is just an awesome thing to witness.

I never planned to be a photographer. I never imagined that I’d be investing a lot of my time pursuing this passion. I never expected that an artist in me will be brought out of the open. My long-term goal then was to climb the corporate ladder and become a successful executive. We can never be certain of what’s ahead.

After 15 years in the graphics industry and without a chance of a camera in my hand, I decided to go full time in photography. It was a totally new environment for me. I had to start all over again. But proving my capabilities and ability to learn more is not something new to me since I’ve been a greenhorn many times in my career.

However when this new-found interest is mixed with passion by putting your heart on it, it becomes complicated. A simple rejection waves a ton of depression across your heart and it breaks you apart. It would take time for you to put yourself together and start moving forward again. Nobody else to blame but yourself.

Despite all the frustrations and depression that occupies a large portion of yourself, just one compliment or appreciation of your work erases everything. One smile in a room that fuels your insecurities and self-doubt is what it takes to point you in the right direction. Photography opened my eyes to a new chapter in my life, but it also exposed a lot of my weaknesses.

Sometimes I think that all of my life’s challenges is to prepare me for what’s to come. I think I have reached a full circle of my career. I’m now back to where I started. Photography: a fresh look and a new beginning for me. A better understanding and appreciation of the art.

Technology may have changed the way we take photos and especially how we share them. It creates the same engagement that we experience when looking at a photograph way back a century ago. It’s the same powerful medium that binds us through bits and pieces of moments.

Keep on shooting, everyone!

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