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An infinite summer

Styles of the season outfit ideas

By Monica R. Lopez

SPANISH brand (Sfera) is a fashion chain that originated in Madrid, which now has more than a hundred retail outlets in different countries including the Philippines with one retail outlet in Cebu City, located at the upper ground floor in SM Seaside City Cebu. Presenting a Spanish style rendered in its variety of collections, the brand offers clothing for men, women and kids.

SferaFor this season, (Sfera) unveils its Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The collection includes three new trends for women: minimalism, in shades of black, white and grey with subtle feminine details; hints of navy blue in some of the key pieces of the collection; and boho rocker. Also included are three trends from the brand’s casual line: African-inspired garments, nautical, and romantic themed pieces.

So in line with the season, here are some outfit ideas for different kinds of occasions from its latest collection:

Look 1: Keeping it casual

Going casual is the one kind of dress code that allows the wearer to pick out clothes based on comfort and personal style rather than just for presentation. Whatever the plan may be for the day — or lack thereof — time to up the ante with one’s wardrobe by thinking beyond the shirt and jeans or other common pair. Changing one’s style every now and then does wonders.

Look 2: Going to work

Inject vibrant colors into one’s wardrobe for work. Ensembles like a blouse paired with slacks, however formal looking it may be, isn’t just the only option. Add basic pieces with clothing items that are work-friendly but have a playful twist to it and are easy on the eyes.. And also, don’t forget to accessorize.

Look 3: Perfect Date

There are times when a lady is in need of a girls’ night out. But sometimes, there’s nothing quite like spending some quality time with that special someone. With this season, opt for lightweight and breathable clothes that have a feminine and romantic look, and complement simplistic tones with fresh and summer colors.

Look 4: Summer Vibes

Embrace the season with colorful and summer ready outfits. Step out in pieces that speak of the season. Heck, go bohemian chic and add some pieces that depict that trend like floral, geometric or paisley prints, suede or even fringe in one’s outfit be it a garment or an accessory.

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