Spring awakening - Weekend

Spring awakening

SPRING|SUMMER and Autumn|Winter is of no relevance in Uwan|Init Philippines but we aspire to dress in that fashion anyway. I am synonymous to suits, coats and blazers for the simple reason that these are instantly and effortlessly polished but I put my foot down on insulation. Unless your occupation involves refrigeration, no office air-conditioner here would ever command the use of goose down or shearling. Layering is actually smart in this hermaphroditic weather.

Karlo-LimJackets to trap body heat in case of a sudden downpour and chilly gusts of wind but in breathable fabrics to allow the escape of excess heat.

When the going gets tough, one can always doff it to reveal a lightweight inner of a make that can hold on its own.

The technical absence of all color in black still makes it the best neutral to springboard the rest of the colorwheel from. The intermediate between that and white — grey — comes close at its heels in versatility in color pairings. It also makes for a more forgiving color choice in the heat and humidity of the tropics. The devil is in the details and what is could easily be a boring slate of slate is easily punctated by pops of color.

Men’s accessories can be a tricky tiptoe through many lines. As sporting any would already take some derring-do then it’s best to take the plunge. Take the pocket square for example. It is easy to go monochrome and one is tempted to flex some origami muscle but it’s just so much more fun to carelessly do a midpoint thread-through with one in colorful fabric or prints.

Devil In The Details
by Michael Karlo

Wool Jersey Jacket from Muji
Henley from H&M
Skinny Airsm Jeans from Uniqlo
Sunglasses from RayBan
Poppy-print Pocket Square, gifted

Photos and styling by Vanessa East

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