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Internet radio apps you’ll love

By Meg Rivera

I’VE had many a heated discussion about radio and its future. On the one hand, I like to think that radio is never going to die out. We’ve relied on the radio to get our news and information a la minute; given our need for information to go, this is a feature that still gives radio some weight. It will never go completely extinct as a consumer product since it is (and will!) evolve and adapt to the technologies around it. After all, why else do we still sell speakers with a FM radio function?

Over in the other corner though, there are people who insist that radio will die a terrible, hacking death. They predicted a code blue right after the advent of mp3s and PTP file sharing. Why wait for the DJ to play your music when you could skip all the chatter and go straight into your track? The portable mp3 player proved this point in spades, especially when Napster and Limewire became a thing.

But isn’t it curious that old school iPods had a radio function?

We could sit and debate this back and forth all day, but there are other things at hand. This week’s curation of apps takes a closer look at the evolution of radio and its adaptation into the world of smart devices. A fuddy duddy tech radio is not. Just like the little black dress, it evolves but it never goes out of style.

iHeartRadio-iconAApp name: iHeartRadio

App developer: iHeartMedia Inc.

Available on: Apple, Google Play

Easy to use: iHeartRadio is an old player in the Internet radio game. At present it is a portal to help you listen to radio stations all across Northern America. It works because you get to choose which streams you want to listen to, whether they be sports or strictly music.

Overall comment: I guess this is why iHeartRadio has its own music festival every year. Geographically speaking, the news streams are going to be irrelevant, ditto the sports. However, this isn’t a bad deal with the music feeds you get plus the bonus of compiling your own “stations

This is for the person who likes preselected music and shows, and there isn’t really anything wrong with that. Three clicks out of five.

NextRadio-iconAApp name: NextRadio

App developer: NextRadio, LLC

Available on: Apple, Google Play

Easy to use: This is what I imagine radio to be like ten years from now. In the past, we had to rely on the presenter to find out the artist and title of the song. If they didn’t announce it, you had to call the station up to ask. And that was provided you remembered enough of it in the first place. NextRadio lets you tune in to any station in your vicinity and view the music you’re listening to. Just like TV Guide!

Overall comment: There are music enthusiasts and then there are music Enthusiasts. This is for capital “E” ones who absolutely need to know what track is playing at the very moment. If they ever felt like station surfing, they could do it based on what tracks are upcoming. I really wasn’t kidding when I said this was like TV Guide for the radio. Four clicks out of five.

TuneIn-Radio-iconAApp name: TuneIn Radio – Radio and Music

App developer: TuneIn Inc.

Available on: Apple, Google Play

Easy to use: The term “pick and mix” comes to mind. TuneIn Radio is a repository of over 100,000 stations, where you can choose what you want to listen to. Podcasts, shows, music, they’re all there. What streams you subscribe to are completely up to you.

Overall comment: Think of this as your radio iPod. You can tell a lot about a person just by going through the music in their player. TuneIn Radio has got plenty of room for you to stretch musically, since there’s so much to keep you entertained. A solid four clicks out of five.

One thought on “Internet radio apps you’ll love

  • June 24, 2016 at 11:40 am

    I love the tuneIn radio app and another app I use in Australia is Pandora radio but it will not work in the Philippines though as I have tried it and it told me so haha.
    I will try those other two apps next time I am visiting the Philippines.

    I use Messenger and Viber mostly so is there something better out there?


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