Cocina del Siglo - Weekend

Cocina del Siglo

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AS always, Marco Polo Plaza Hotel’s Café Marco never ceases to impress with new “Culinary Journeys” every now and then. This month’s theme they’re calling Cocina del Siglo. Very timely as we Filipinos celebrate the anniversary of our independence.

With Jessica Avila at the helm of this “journey”, one can expect no less than a delicious spread of traditional Filipino fiesta food such as the fresh lumpia, morcon, chicken relyeno, pancit luglug, pinakbet, bacalau, and humba (amongst many others) put on the featured spotlight. Even the dessert station was added with Filipino delights like the biko with latik and an awesome Filipino addition to the ice cream set, macapuno flavor which drove me absolutely crazy as I could not even remember the last time I have had it.

Marco Polo Plaza Hotel’s Café Marco
Marco Polo Plaza Hotel’s Café Marco
Chicken Relyeno
Chicken Relyeno

You have until tomorrow to experience this delightful Filipino feast and what’s even better is that all your usual Café Marco favorites are still available like the salads and appetizer station, the Asian station complete with noodles, dim sum, and an array of other Chinese dishes. Not to mention, my new favorite, the Hainanese Chicken complete with the best ever chili and gingers sauces and Hainanese rice! Yes, Hainanese rice for your Hainanese chicken!

The sushi station with the freshest of salmon sashimi and an assortment of maki will always have space in my tummy no matter how full I already am. The same can be said about the dessert station! Those fresh-from-the-oven “malicious cookies” are just to-die-for. I’m not even exaggerating. Just writing about this is making me so hungry!

Okay, that’s it! I think I’m coming for dinner again tonight.

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