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Songs after isolation

Q& A with J.I.D


INDEPENDENT hip-hop artist, songwriter and producer, J.I.D, is hitting the airwaves yet again with his newest single, “Lady”— an upbeat track featuring Samantha Louise. The homegrown talent whose real name is Jid Durano, entered the music scene with his first original work, “So Long” that was released online in 2014, a project followed by his collaboration with Battle of the Beats Philippine champion Mark Beats titled “The Life,” and on the side, has produced jingles for a series of energy drink commercials. With his fresh new sound, the budding hip-hop artist has since enjoyed a following. He is set to release his debut album in September 2015. (FSE)

HOMEGROWN hip-hop talent J.I.D talks about his newest single, “Lady.” (Contributed photo)
HOMEGROWN hip-hop talent J.I.D talks about his newest single, “Lady.” (Contributed photo)

Describe your style.

My style is more on the connection. Hip-hop is all about the message, and making listeners understand and feel what (I’m) expressing.

What can we look forward to in your upcoming album?

I’ve been digging deep for months and I isolated myself during the process, finding the right style and tune that I’m comfortable with. In my single “Lady” it’s not that usual hip-hop — I instead gave it a refreshing feel and an unpredictable sound that would make it stay in your head. I also want listeners to feel the emotion of what I’m rapping about. Most of my tracks are emotional.

Who are the people have you been collaborating with?

I have been collaborating with singers mostly, since I produce everything by myself. First off, my sister Samantha Louise for the single “Lady,” second my buddy Smurff, and other independent artists.

Most memorable gig to date?

MOR’s booth at Kadaugan sa Mactan. I really enjoyed performing while watching the crowd dance to the beat of my tracks, but at the same time, frightened.

Who were your musical influences?

Growing up I was into a lot of genres but fell in love with hip-hop. My biggest influences are J. Cole, Kanye West, Nas, Coldplay, Bamboo, Bob Marley, More Than Life, 2Pac and Biggie.

What can you say about the hip-hop scene in Cebu?

Our hip-hop scene is really great. We have many talented artists who are independent.

What else is keeping you busy nowadays?

I produce music for brands and local artists full-time. Exploring the beauty of nature. Finishing college.


“Lady” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Beats Music, Google Play and Deezer. A lyric video is also up on YouTube. Follow @jiddurano on Twitter and Instagram.

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