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Grand indeed

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I WAS worried to have missed the invitation to be a part of the grand reopening of the Grand Majestic Buffet. Its new building stands ever so beautifully along Archbishop Reyes Ave. and every time I drive by it, it seems to be beckoning.

While I was out of the country, I was so happy to get a text from Jaja Rama extending an invitation from Grand Majestic’s marketing head Charmaine Espiritu-Queroz to sample their Peking Duck buffet anytime when I get back. We immediately set a date and there we were!

Two of my sisters came with me and immediately we noticed how nice and bright the lobby was. We make our way to the Grand Majestic Buffet entrance and were seated by their warm receptionists immediately as they were already expecting us.

Fresh Fruits at the Dessert Station
Fresh Fruits at the Dessert Station

The vast dining room was a sight to behold as it was indeed so different from its predecessor. There were two main buffet spreads and several food stations all competing for each diner’s attention.

As always, the dim sum station was the first to succeed in luring me into its corner. It was conveniently located between the sushi station and the carving station that was serving generous cuts of juicy roasted Peking Duck. Oh, how it felt like heaven to be in a place where steam was rising from fresh and succulent dim sum dishes and chefs carefully slicing salmon and tuna sashimi just for you. But don’t forget to try the Century Egg Siomai! It was my favorite at the dim sum station!

The Grand Majestic buffet had Beef Brisket Stew on that particular night and I was lucky to have tried this delicious dish. I put some steamed rice on a soup bowl and poured a generous serving of the stew on top of it. On the side, I put three Deep Fried Mango Taro balls. It was divine!

Roasted Peking Duck
Roasted Peking Duck

The dessert spread was quite pleasant as well with a variety of cakes and pastries including their delicious Ube Crème Brulee and fresh fruits!

Sodas and selected juices are unlimited and included at the buffet.

We enjoyed every moment we spent at the Grand Convention Buffet. The service of their staff was warm and remarkable. We felt right at home and left with happy tummies and plans of coming back.

With prices so affordable, the Grand Majestic Buffet is the perfect place not just to celebrate special occasions but also to making the everyday a little more special.

Great food with good selections, pleasant ambience, and warm staff, these are the things that make this buffet grand.

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