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Old school game apps

By Meg Rivera


BACK in my day, when Windows 95 was the newest version and my parents could still figure out the computer, we didn’t have World of Warcraft or the Sims to keep us busy. I remember spending whole afternoons playing games like Solitaire or that pinball game that Microsoft had. These days I can’t imagine myself being happy with a computer that didn’t have an internet connection. But then again, the games now don’t make me as happy as the ones back then did.

Fast forward about 15 years, and technology has given us cooler games with better graphics. Heck, have you seen the stills from the latest Tomb Raider? I can’t begin to fathom just how far these have come from their humble 8-bit pasts. This week, we take a jump back in time to a simpler era with afternoons spent in front of a big clunky screen. These three games get given the modern twist in app form, and make it cool to play once again.

solitaire-iconApp name: Solitaire

App developer: MobilityWare

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: Who doesn’t remember solitaire? I remember learning to play this game on a computer before learning how to play it on real cards. This app comes pretty damn close to the original Solitaire game found on a Microsoft PC, but comes with extra functions for Multiplayer and challenging players across the world.

Overall comment: This is as close as it could get for those who are wanting a retro feel. The tap and drag function is the only thing that makes it new, but apart from that you might as well be playing it on an old desktop. Three clicks out of five.

sonic-iconApp name: Sonic Dash Lite

App developer: Sega

Available on: iTunes, although there is a different version available on Google Play

Easy to use: I showed this to a younger colleague and she says, “It’s like Temple Run!” Well, long story short, that’s what it is. You take a blue hedgehog and make it jump, slide and roll through a set of obstacles. A tutorial at the beginning shows you how to play the game, but after that you should be fine to play.

Overall comment: To be perfectly honest, I never played Sonic when I was younger. I had to refer to a gamer colleague to confirm this, but it turns out that the premise is pretty much the same. A part of me wants to say that the game is exactly like Temple Run, but said gamer colleague corrected me by saying that Temple Run is ripped off from Sonic. There is no evil Dr. Robotnik in this free version, but he does come up in the higher levels, which you need to purchase. A solid four clicks out of five, because apparently, this game comes darned close to the original.

pacman-iconApp name: Pac Man Lite

App developer: Namco Bandai Games

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: If you remember how easy the original Pac Man was to play, then the app version is even easier. You just have to swipe to move the PacMan instead of using a joystick.

Overall comment: This old arcade favorite has a place in many people’s hearts, including mine. I didn’t play this one on a computer, but I do remember asking mom for coins so that I could play this in what used to be Glicos. (Noughties kids might know this place as Timezone.) I love how they stayed loyal to the pixellated, 8-bit look of the original game, which is what gives the game its old school feel. Four clicks out of five.

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