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Wear your advocacy

EYE-CATCHING, expressive and heroic—that is what Advocacy Shirts (AS) is all about. A brand built to be an avenue of expression, the AS features collections that designers say highlight the various social, cultural and environmental issues the country faces today.

Opened in 2013, it is a team collaboration managed by Cori Baybay, Michael Cubcuban, alongside designers Patet Mendoza and Qatar-based Marcell Casinay.

“Each one of us has the desire to be part of the solution-makers of the country, and part of our contributions is to speak our thoughts on such issues,” said Cori, “Our designs aim to raise awareness and inspiration to do better in the way we live.”


Raising awareness with Advocacy Shirts

Wear-your-advocacy2Some of Advocacy Shirts’ most notable designs to date are the Rizal, Haring Ibon, Pilipinas, Reach Inspire Love, Larong Pinoy, Designed by Pearl, and Vine, these designs carry special meanings:


“The shirt speaks of the love Rizal had for his country, which is deeply rooted in his understanding of who he is as a Filipino and on how he was able to express his love even to death.”

Haring Ibon

“One of the greatest traits of the eagle is tenacity. They see heavy storms as opportunities to soar to greater heights. It’s a quality most Filipinos have.”


“At the height of rehabilitation and restoration of our country after Typhoon Yolanda, we thought of a design to graphically present our Bayanihan culture.”

Vine Shirt

“This shirt spells out some of our aspirations that all of us hope to do: Recycle, reuse, reduce, rejuvenate, refresh, restore, retrace, plant, walk, trek, clean… and so on. It inspires people to think of ways they can do to keep this earth intact.”

Reach, Inspire, Love

“In the absence of a great dream, pettiness prevails. In the absence of inspiration, life is lackadaisical. In the absence of love, all things will be naught.

Larong Pinoy

“Baby boomers can best relate what Larong Pinoy is but not so with the Generation X and Y. This relives the fun of outdoor games. We want the kids of today know that there is such a thing as street games.” (FSE)

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