The colors of Sinulog - Weekend

The colors of Sinulog

Albert PedrosaAlbert Pedrosa
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AMID all the complains about the Sinulog Photo Contest, a large number of photographers flocked to the streets last Sunday trying to find the winning shot and bag the prize money and a year of bragging rights. The number of registrants was cut in half due to the higher registration fee, but it looks like the foundation had the same amount of revenue, minus the headache.

I was surprised to find myself in a better shooting position this year, although the ladders were still very much visible. There were fewer photographers on the streets but unfortunately, those who didn’t care about the ethics of photography seem to be very much present as well. The contingent had to push their way past the wall of photographers.

Like supermodels on the catwalk, photographers showed off their gears in the middle of a jam-packed Mango Ave. Cameras and long lenses with openings so big your head can fit even with a helmet on dangled from their necks, while belt system camera holsters for quick draw hung from their hips. Oh yeah, don’t forget the photographers’ vests and the bush hats that separate the veteran from the sophomore.

WRONG TIMING. I normally get unwanted heads in my frame but this time an arm ruined this shot.
WRONG TIMING. I normally get unwanted heads in my frame but this time an arm ruined this shot.

The lights were not perfect during the grand parade, but it was a relief that the forecasted rainfall brought by the LPA didn’t happen. Although the sun didn’t show up, the light was just enough to get a good exposure with a faster shutter speed. There were times when it drizzled a bit, but it never poured. What’s funny is I actually prepared for the rain. I had plastic sleeves for my camera and a raincoat. I even had to try it on the night before.

The satisfaction at the end of the day was just great. It was a good exercise both physically and creatively. I had the chance to spend time with photographers who are icons in the industry like Nikon ambassador Ted Madamba, Fujifilm X-photographer Erwin Lim and the rest of the gang. It was also a good time to eyeball photographers you only knew virtually from Facebook.

I think that we, Cebuano photographers, are lucky to have an annual event that is just perfect for photography regardless if you’re a pro, a hobbyist or just a plain amateur. I can only imagine how many terabytes of photos were taken and the hundreds of thousands if not millions of shutter clicks made during the entire Sinulog Festivities.

Till the next Sinulog come 2015. Pit Senyor and keep on shooting everyone!

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