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Quiz crazy, are you?

By Meg Rivera

PUB quizzes have long been a weeknight staple in countries like the UK and Australia. In the 1970s, the idea of a pub quiz was developed by Burns and Porter and marketed to bars as a way of pulling in more clientele on a slow night. The idea took a strong hold in the UK, and eventually mushroomed its way across the country. What started out as a little marketing gag turned out to be one of the best ways to spend a week night out before going back home.

The pub quiz scene in Cebu has really taken off in the last couple of years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The variety in the kinds of questions keep the audience a constant mixed bag, which is where the real attraction is. This week’s review checks out three apps that could either help you bone up for the next trivia night at your local, or help you host one of your very own.

Movie-QuizApp name: Movie Quiz

Developer: I Love Quiz

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to Use: This may have been designed for children, as it is extremely easy to use.

Overall comment: I would imagine this being played on a rainy weekend at home. Players simply have to guess the title of the movie, given the clues on the screen. Probably not the best app to be played on an iPhone, as all the clues are scene stills from various films. The Family and Children rounds are great for keeping little ones entertained, lest you are stuck with several of them in one go. Three clicks out of five.

Game-of-NerdsApp name: Game of Nerds

Developer: Involver

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to Use: Nerds and regular folk would find this easy to use. There is a great tutorial at the beginning that teaches you how to pick your team, what to do if you pick a wrong answer, or simply how to play.

Overall comment: I think I’m going to keep this one. If you are fans of the original web-based game, then you will enjoy this app reincarnation. You can still play against nerds of the world, or you can play offline (my favorite part!) I would see this as a brilliant way to study up for the next pub quiz, or you can play on your own and see how you fare against the self-proclaimed nerds of the world. Four clicks out of five.

IconPopQuizApp name: IconPopQuiz

Developer: Alegria

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Easy to use: Yes, but be prepared to explore the game.

Overall comment: Another visual whopper, but this time I can see why this is so popular. It tests your memory, or more accurately, your ability to associate images with their names. It’s not great for pub quiz prep, but it does afford you a lot of fun on your own. It does require an Internet connection to play, which can be a drawback. Three and a half clicks out of five.

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