Gifts for travelers

TODAY’S travelers want to be comfortable, organized and connected. With those themes in mind, the Associated Press has come up with a few nifty gift ideas. But before we proceed, take note that some of these items might not be available locally, so you might have to shop online and wait two to four weeks for delivery. If not, you can always ask a friend or loved one abroad willing to get it for you, preferably as a gift.

Travel-Holiday-Gifts-High-SierraBackpack of ideas

The High Sierra AT7 wheeled backpack with detachable daypack and similar styles and designs are recommended for travelers, especially for kids and teens who need carryon luggage.

Travel-Holiday-Gifts-Nude-AudioPortable speaker

NudeAudio’s Move M palm-sized portable speaker is a Bluetooth-enabled device with an eight-hour battery. At about $70, its rich sound rivals bigger, pricier models, making it a suitable holiday gift for travelers who want to fill a home away from home with music.

Staying connected

Travel gear retailer Flight 001 shows the company’s 4-in-1 adapter, with four color-coded plugs, good for 150 countries. The adapter works as a holiday gift for folks who travel a lot internationally.

Travel-Holiday-Gifts-AdapterFabric for rainy days

The hooded Rainrap weighs under nine ounces, drapes like a cape and is reversible. It comes in eight two-color combinations and water beads off the silky fabric. As a holiday gift idea, it lets female travelers shrug off rainy days while traveling light.


The GoPro digital camera has become a hot item for travelres. The camera attaches “to pretty much anything: your helmet, arm, leg, canoe” and can shoot images while you’re moving.

Travel-Holiday-Gifts-RainrapDigital instant cam

Polaroid’s new digital instant camera, the Z2300, can print photos instantly, offers a choice of borders, previews photos before printing and saves images to upload. It’s recommended as a holiday gift for travelers because it lets you engage with locals by offering photos on the spot in places that may not have easy access to printed images.

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