New power cars from Honda, Subaru - Weekend

New power cars from Honda, Subaru

Jerome NeriAtty. Jerome G. Neri
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THERE were two very interesting automotive announcements last week. First was Honda’s new turbo engine range and the launch of the all new Subaru WRX.

Lately, I have been disappointed with Honda Motors Philippines, because after pioneering the high performance sedan in the Philippine market with the Honda Civic SIR in the late 90s, they have not had any high performance product again in the Philippine market. They then launched the sporty looking CR-Z, only to realize that it has 122 combined horsepower with it’s electric hybrid motor.

However, last week’s announcement is making me excited, as they are going to have an array of direct injection turbo charged engines with it’s flagship engine: a two-liter VTEC turbo for the Type R boasting of 270+ horsepower.

The all-new direct injection turbo VTEC Honda engine boasting of 270+ horsepower.
The all-new direct injection turbo VTEC Honda engine boasting of 270+ horsepower.

So, Honda please make the Type R available in the Philippine market. Subaru, on the other hand, I am a fan of because they have made available in the Philippine market the WRX STI. The all-new WRX has just been revealed at the LA auto show. I hope this means that the unveiling of the all new WRX STI is just around the corner.

I am excited because the WRX already boasts of 268 horsepower, which would mean that the new WRX STI should be around 350 horsepower.

MODERN HIGHWAY. We need a modern highway in Cebu. I went to Medellin on a Wednesday to bring some relief items to the typhoon affected areas up north. I have not driven to the north in a long time and was shocked at the traffic jam from Mandaue City all the way to Liloan.

Just to get to Liloan it took me almost one hour. Liloan is about 15 km from the Banilad area, where we started. This meant that my average speed to get to Liloan was just a bit over 15 km/h. That is an absolutely slow pace.

The Province of Cebu has to come out with a plan to make a road from the southern end to the northernmost end of Cebu, and from the eastern end to the western end. I believe this would be necessary within the next five years. From Cebu City to Liloan or to Carcar, the average speed would be about 20 to 25 km/h at best during the day time. We need a road where our average speed would be about 60 km/h. Time saved means more productivity, which would mean a better economy.

The all-new 2014 Subaru WRX.
The all-new 2014 Subaru WRX.

POOR PLANNING. The North Reclamation Area to the end of SRP in Talisay is linked by a poorly planned road. This connects Mandaue City to Talisay City in a rather inefficient way. It is full of intersections.

A road like that should be through and through and must have no intersections and pedestrian crossings. There must be more or less 10 intersections from end to end, which causes traffic. Flyovers should be put there, but instead government has installed traffic lights.

TRAFFIC LIGHTS, POWER. Also, I was unlucky enough to be at the intersection of San Jose Dela Montana and F. Cabuahug Streets when a brownout occurred. In less than a minute there was a major traffic jam thanks to the absence of Citom and the undisciplined drivers of Cebu.

It may be a good idea if Veco would advice Citom where and what time there will be power outages, so Citom would be prepared and will be ready to direct traffic the moment a power outage occurs that disables traffic lights.

PHASEOUT OF TRIKES. As Cebu’s motoring population is increasing, there is an urgent need to phase out the tricycles and trisikads plying roads that are getting congested.

Some side roads in the past have now become main thoroughfares. An example would be Hernan Cortes and the Cabancalan road. Both of these roads already have a large number of motor vehicles passing through it.

When roads like these become main thoroughfares, tricycles and trisikads just congest the roads, they should be replaced with jeepneys.

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