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Prelude to a chill: Q&A with Honeydrop

HOMEGROWN indie band Honeydrop is hitting the local airwaves with their distinct sound that mixes aggressive music with smooth vocals – falling under the indie or post-rock genre — in their debut album “Prelude.”

Launched last Oct. 12, the album features seven original tracks such as “You’re Just a Man”, “The Place”, and “Break Me Up” and instrumental pieces, “Forever Blue” and “Grr Dog.”


Honeydrop is composed of Vanya Deutsch on lead vocals, Karl Lucente and Tram Florido on guitars, Jud Sala on bass and Jeriel Laraño on drums. Mar Jefferson Go did the album artwork and photography.

Sun.Star Weekend went one-on-one with the band.

What can we expect from your debut album “Prelude”?

Honeydrop: Chill music for Cebu.

How was your experience in making “Prelude”?

It took a lot of time because everyone in the band is busy, and we don’t get to practice often. It took us three years to finish this album. Although that was the case, we can really say that this album was really well thought of, and we threw in a lot of effort to make it happen.

Who were the people you worked with?

Our sound engineers were Jad and Chase Bantug, Felipe Anjelo Calinawan and Paolo de la Victoria.

Who are the artists and musicians that you look up to? Musical influences, if any.

Reverie Sound Revue from Canada and Toe from Japan. If you’re into these bands, you’d easily understand our type of music.

What else are you up to these days?

Vanya: I’m a property consultant for a real estate company. I’m a mother of one and currently expecting my second baby. Aside from playing with the band, all my hobbies are presently on hold.

Karl: I’m studying advertising at the University of San Carlos. I’m also part of a film production crew, Southernlads. One of our recent works was the Sheila and the Insects’ music video for Pretty Loser. I’m also involved with Happy Bisdak, a gag show on CCTN that airs every Saturday.

Tram: I’m a systems engineer in a software development company. I also do web development.

Jud: A nurse by profession, though I hate it. I’m also into bands Undercover Grasshoppers, Vultures, You Failed Me and Snubear. I just love playing and creating music.

Any upcoming gigs or projects?

Together with Bomba Records, we’ve been organizing a community of bands that fall under the indie genre. It’s hard to find gigs here in Cebu for our kind of music, so at least with a community, it would be somewhat easier. Being an indie band is hard enough, all the more being in the “indie” genre, too. We want to be the first in helping Cebu grasp this type of music.

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