Loud and Proud: Honeydrop On New ‘Signs’ EP

By Tiny Diapana


THERE’S no denying how ferociously spirited and unrelenting Cebuano indie bands can be. Take Honeydrop for example. What started out as an experiment in 2010 has become a local music staple, and the band is making big waves in the local and national music scene. Earlier last month, Honeydrop successfully launched its new EP “Signs” in Manila, performing in places like Route 196 and programs like Rappler Live Jam.

Now that the band’s made their way home, Sunstar Weekend chats with Honeydrop vocalist Debb Acebu, bassist Jud Sala, and guitarists Karl Lucente and Tram Florido.


First of all congratulations on the launch of “Signs” EP! The EP is such a gentle and complex collection. How long did it take to work on “Sings” and what kind of story does the EP hope to tell? What’s your favorite song in the collection?

Karl: These songs were written a long time ago. While we’re in the progress of making the ‘Prelude’ album, I was already started writing “Set Apart,” “Once“ and “Mirage.”

“Signs” EP for me it is more on the personal growth of the band. Because we are an indie band we took the advantage to explore the songwriting side, breaking some rules and having fun with it. ‘Signs’ is a bit technical too because of our influences that merge on that span of time.

It took us around four years to make the EP.

The production side really takes time to finish; we were too busy doing gigs and work. Our schedule is a bit messed up. Well, Thanks to our manager Trena Guerrero we eventually made it.

My favorite song in the collection is “Mirage.”

It’s almost seven years since Honeydrop first formed. What was it like when Honeydrop first started out, and what is it like now? How does it feel like to reach this point where Honeydrop has become one of the leading bands of the Cebuano indie music scene?

Jud: It was a struggle for us starting out as a band here in Cebu. I think most of the bands here can relate to this. The scene is just small and only few venues support local acts to play original compositions. The internet really helped us a lot and also local prods and our independent record label “Bomba Press” for giving us the opportunity to share our own brand of music. It’s just rewarding for us as a band knowing that some people know our songs and will sing along to us during gigs. Personally, that’s one of the best feelings an artist can experience.

Everyone’s so proud that Honeydrop is making big waves across the country. How was the launch in Manila? What’s the best gig you had there? Any crazy stories you can share with us?

Tram: The launch in Manila was awesome! We got to play with amazing bands. Bands that we look up to. At some point, at the launching when the first 3 bands played, I jokingly said to my other band members: “Abort mission!”

All of them are very good, and we wish to play with them again next time. We all went to Manila the same day, but we have different return dates to Cebu. If I were to be honest, I should say Route 196 gig, where we launched the EP. I say it’s the best because aside from the fact that we launched there. We also got the meet new people and got to play with awesome bands. But I should say, the other gigs we played were also awesome! But If I have to rank, it would be the Route 196 gig. 🙂

Judd: Crazy story: Signing albums. I feel like I’m not worthy but I really do appreciate the thought.

Debb: Thank you, by the way, for acknowledging Honeydrop’s success even if we’re just a pretty tiny band. 🙂

What kind of projects does Honeydrop have planned after the Signs EP? What direction would you guys like the band to head toward to?

Debb: We wanted to collaborate more with our local artists, actually we have one under the wraps but

we can’t say much about it yet coz we’re still going to meet them to brainstorm but it’s going to be definitely exciting! Clue: food. Hehehe. Aside from that collab, we’re also focusing on selling our official merch and might be releasing a new music video.

Any message to aspiring musicians in the country?

Karl: Hey you aspiring musician! Please don’t let the people, the scene discourage you. Write and write songs because we have so much proving to do.

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