Stepping Back Into The 90’s

This photo-op wall collage is just nostalgia in so many levels! I think I even wore the right kicks to match!

By Alexis Yap

IT WAS a nostalgic stroll down memory lane for the children of the 90s at the Make Your Own Havaiana’s this year. Glow-in-the-dark straps and pins and colorful pixels inspired by eight-bit video games complete the 90s vibe of this year’s commemorative pair.

The 90’s was an awesome decade when cassette tapes and boom boxes, and Atari and the Nintendo Family computer ruled our relatively simple lives.

Thinking about it now, I was truly content spending weekends with my friends at the mall, pining over the latest edition of Bop magazine or just at home watching Beverly Hills 90210 and Regal Shocker, or even burning the midnight oil, making sure to ace every exam in school. *wink*
I remember letting myself be a brat one time. I threw a tantrum at the toy section of Rustan’s with my butt flat on the floor when I didn’t get to successfully convince my mom to buy me Slimer to complete my set of authentic Ghost Busters action figures. I never got to complete the ThunderCats, though. I only managed to acquire WilyKit and Cheetara. But really, that was enough. Cheetara was naturally my favorite character in the show.

Did I go out back in the 90s? At the risk of divulging my real age, I had quite an exciting nightlife back then. Thanks to my trusting parents who gave me the freedom not usually afforded to kids my age and to my stellar line up of friends many years my senior who gave nothing but “good influence” in my life (you guys know who you are), I have some pretty interesting stories to tell my grandkids when the time comes.

Lovin’ all the bold colors from that awesome decade!

This year’s MYOH theme let me travel back in time. Just staring at the huge, collage, photo op wall at the outlet brought back so many fond memories of my youth. Remembering warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. I am so grateful for that.

And like every cassette tape, video game, and studio barkada pic reminds me of pleasant memories from my not-so-distant childhood, every pair of Havaiana’s in my shoe cabinet takes me back to different times and adventures in my life that I am happy to be reminded of.

Oh the nostalgia this candy bar brings! All the good stuff from my childhood.

Don’t have your commemorative pair yet? Well, you’re in luck. Today is the last day to Make Your Own Havaiana’s at All Flip Flops at the SM Seaside City Cebu. So hurry and take your dad there. You can buy him a pair for Father’s Day using his credit card. And while you’re at it, why not get a pair for yourself as well?

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there who always put their kids’ happiness above their own. To my dad, thank you.

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